Quote1 Thanks for the heads up "mystery girl". In fact, thanks for all of 'em. We made a pretty good team. Quote2
-- Spider-Man

Appearing in "Peter Parker, Paparazzi: Part 3 of 3 - Photo Finished"

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Synopsis for "Peter Parker, Paparazzi: Part 3 of 3 - Photo Finished"

The origin of Paper Doll is explained in a flashback. She was a girl named Piper who got in her father's dimensional compressor, leaving her paper thin. While her parents discussed how to deal with the situation, Piper locked herself in her room and watched a movie of Bobby Carr. Having obsessed with Bobby, Piper ran away from her house.

In the present, Paper Doll reads about Bobby Carr's new girlfriend in the newspaper. Enraged, Paper Doll goes to Bobby Carr's house in the Hamptons. Bobby and Mary Jane Watson are spending the night together. The two are being watched by Spider-Man.

Earlier, Robbie Robertson is talking to Dexter Bennett about how their newspaper is making people Paper Doll's targets. Bennett refuses to stop publishing stories about Carr, so Robbie quits. Peter stays in the newspaper and accepts the job of taking pictures of Carr's mystery girl.

Spider-Man is using his camera's zoom to watch Carr and his mystery girl. Spider-Man has not yet discovered that Carr's girlfriend is Mary Jane. In the house, Paper Doll attacks the couple. Spider-Man goes to save them, but Carr's bodyguards try to stop him. Spider-Man binds them with webs and enters the house.

Mary Jane attacks Paper Doll with a lamp. Paper Doll tries to attack her, but Mary Jane enters a safe room hidden in the closet, the safe room's password is Mary Jane's birthday. Spider-Man fights against Paper Doll. Mary Jane talks to Spider-Man, helping him in his fight. Mary Jane tells Spider-Man that they knew each other, in another life.

As the fight continues, Paper Doll compresses Spider-Man's left arm. Spider-Man remembers about Carlie Cooper's explanation about the death of Edith Harper. Spider-Man then tries to asphyxiate Paper Doll but she escapes. Then, Spider-Man grabs her and the two fall to the pool. Spider-Man believes that Paper Doll will asphyxiate since her lungs are two thin in her paper thin form, but Paper Doll becomes 3D again. Paper Doll then tries to grab Bobby, but he manages to knock her out.

Spider-Man binds Paper Doll with his webs and asks Bobby why did he not hide in his safe room with his girlfriend. Bobby replies that Paper Doll not only invaded her house, she invaded her life. Bobby Carr is just a mask and that his house in Hamptons is the only place Bobby can be his true self, and he does not want that part of him to be exposed to the rest of the world. Spider-Man understands, but Mary Jane warns him that the police is in the house. Thanking her, Spider-Man tells Mary Jane that they made a good team. Mary Jane replies that they did, in another life.

In the DB!, Peter shows his camera's memory card, which has pictures of the fight and Carr0s mystery girl, to Bennet, who wants the pictures. Peter says that he respects Carr's life and breaks the memory card. This angers Bennett, who fires Peter, finally saying his name right.

Later, Peter is moving in Vin's apartment and his friends are helping him. Robbie is also there, having heard about what Peter did from Betty Brant. Harry also appears and forgives Peter. Peter then pays up the last of the money he owed to Harry.

In an airport, Mary Jane is getting to her plane to Los Angeles, where Sara Ehret appears, asking her an autograph. Sara asks Mary Jane when she will return, and Mary Jane says that she does not know and leaves.

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