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Synopsis for "The Other Spider-Man"

Peter is at a job interview with Now Magazine. The publisher can't hire him because of Dexter Bennett. Peter is talking with Betty Brant. She says there is another Spider-Tracer Victim and that the superhero Civil War did a number on Spider-Man. A crook named the Basher is calling Spider-Man out. The bookie takes bets on it. Vin is showing Peter the video of the Basher for the DB. The bookie goes to his house and has breakfast with his parents. His father wants his 12 grand and the bookie says he will have it in 24 hours. The Basher is waiting for Spider-Man when he shows up and kicks him in the face. The bookie is caught in a lie when the real Spider-Man shows up and chases the fake. The Enforcers take care of the bookie for lying. Spider-Man catches the fake and pulls off his mask. It is none other than Screwball. She tells him about the bookie and the bar. Spider-Man goes in and sees all the villains.

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