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Quote1.png Whoa! I haven't seen this many villains, thugs, and lowlifes in one place since I watched C-Span's coverage of congress yesterday! Quote2.png
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Appearing in "So Spider-Man Walks Into a Bar and..."

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Deke (bartender)
  • Lester Ladue
  • Mrs. Ladue
  • Martin Li
  • Yermo
  • Polinsky (videographer)



Synopsis for "So Spider-Man Walks Into a Bar and..."

Spider-Man is fighting the villains at the Bar With No Name where the Bookie was taking bets. The bartender Deke says that Spider-Man is allowed their help. Spider-Man wants information about the Bookie. Deke tells Spider-Man where the Bookie lives. At the F.E.A.S.T. Center a man with a cane, named Yermo, trips and hurts himself. Aunt May gives him some stew and he is able to walk without his cane. Spider-Man shows up at the Bookie's house and talks to his father, Lester Ladue to find out what he knows. He tells Spider-Man that he wants to go with him, but Spider-Man says no. He won't tell Spider-Man anything unless he goes. Spider-Man finally agrees.

At Coney Island, the Enforcers have the Bookie strapped into a ride. They are taking bets on when he will fall, blackout, and puke. On the way there, Lester is betting Spider-Man. Spider-Man finally gets him to shut up. At Coney Island the Enforcers are throwing baseballs at the Bookie while riding in bumper-cars. Spider-Man shows up and saves him. He fights Fancy Dan and Montana while Ox is stuck in a bumper-car. Once Montana and Dan are defeated Ox is about to fight Spider-Man when a roller coaster cart goes off the tracks and is about to fall on Ox when Spider-Man quickly saves him. Grateful for the save, Ox agrees to go quietly. They find out that Lester was making bets on Spider-Man and the Enforcers. Spider-Man webs Lester to a ferris wheel and coerces him to donate the money he made on the bets to the F.E.A.S.T. Center. Spider-Man finds out what he needs to know from the bookie and leaves. Ox turns himself and the Enforcers in. Peter calls Aunt May and asks if anybody had made a donation. She says yes.


  • When Spider-Man is attacked in the bar, a villain is holding a bottle called "Brand Echh!" and Spider-Man says "Sorry, Pal. That's not my brand." Brand Echh (pronounced "Brand X") was a Bullpen Bulletin term for DC, or other comic book publishers.

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