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Appearing in "Threeway Collision!"

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  • School Bus

Synopsis for "Threeway Collision!"

Spider-Man is chasing Overdrive again and Overdrive almost hits somebody. Spidey mentions a job interview he he is late for Vin notices and calls for back up. Spider-Man webs up Overdrive's car. Overdrive smacks Spidey and runs. Vin tries to arrest Spider-Man but he leaves. Overdrive takes over a school bus but Spider-Man breaks in and kicks him. Overdrive hits him with some sort of gun. Spider-Man goes out the back and sneaks around to the front and takes the gun away from Overdrive blasts the back and tells the kids to get out. He had put a web bag for them to climb into. Overdrive escapes again. Now from Vin's side of the story. Peter had got on his bad side that morning. He was going to a Yankees game with his father when he saw Spider-Man and Overdrive. The same thing happens. Vin hops in a cab and follows Spider-Man and Overdrive. He almost hits a man reading a paper. Vin and the cab driver stop at the bus as Spider-Man helps the kids get free and webs up Vin's gun that was pointed at him. He then swings off and Vin wants to follow but the cab driver tells him to wait and asks him what kind of a cop would leave the kids in the street. Vin lies to make himself look better. Now Overdrive is getting beat up by Mr. Negative and his men. Overdrive drove a monster truck into the building of the company he stole the gun from. He then steals a car and Spider-Man stops. He hits Spider-Man and hijacks a bus. Spider-Man saves the kids while Overdrive climbs out the window and steals a Motorcycle. He almost hits Dexter Bennett who had been the man the other 2 times somebody was almost ran over. Regardless he mentions something about being on his list. Overdrive of course makes it sound like he was doing an incredible job when he really wasn't. Mr. Negative has heard enough. Overdrive tells him the Machine is in police custody. Carlie is bagging up the gun and says Vin is a good guy. Mr. Negative's men put Overdrive in the trunk of Mr. Negative's limo. Overdrive takes off in it and Mr. Negative wants to dispose of the men who put him their. Peter's job interview turns out to be the place that Overdrive crashed into and stole the gun from. They can't hire Peter.


  • Final issue under the Brand New Day banner.

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