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Peter Parker in Daredevil costume

Appearing in "Kraven's First Hunt, Part Three: Legacy"

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Synopsis for "Kraven's First Hunt, Part Three: Legacy"

Vermin and Spider-Man (dressed in Daredevil's costume) are fighting. Vermin is wounded and Spider-Man sees this so he is able to talk to Vermin and calm him down. Vin (dressed in Spider-Man's costume) is hiding from the girl and attacks her they start fighting and then Spider-Man shows up and kicks her in the face they start fighting. Spider-Man throws Vin a Web-Shooter and he covers the girl. She rips it off in a matter of seconds and beats up on Spider-Man. Vin hits her over the back of the head with a pipe. Then Vermin attacks her and Spider-Man and Vin run. Later, Vin is in the hospital and Harry, Carlie, Lily, and Peter who cut his face shaving or so they say. They leave and then Spider-Man appears to explain what happened (though he also uses a cover story so Vin doesn't figure out that he and Peter Parker are the same person). Vin punches him and Spider-Man leaves. It shows the girl at her house. Vermin has been captured and a woman is walking towards her. We find out the girl is Ana Kravinoff, the daughter of Kraven.


The family tree on Sasha's computer screen gives her date of birth as 1924 and her father's date of death as 1929. This is contradicted by Web of Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #7 in which Sasha is an adult of marriageable age when she kills her father.

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