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Appearing in "New Ways To Die, Part Two: The Osborn Supremacy"

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Synopsis for "New Ways To Die, Part Two: The Osborn Supremacy"

Peter finds himself in the house of Norman Osborn and the Thunderbolts. Osborn wants to know from him where Spider-Man is since he has been taking photos of him for years. Peter doesn't tell them anything, so Norman orders the Thunderbolts to ransack the apartment, but of course nothing turns up. Seeing Peter's roommate return, the government leaves, with Norman telling him that he went easy because he is a friend of the family. At F.E.A.S.T. Eddie reports his miraculous recovery from cancer, while Norman receives the keys to the city and goes to meet Harry's new girlfriend, but doesn't approve of him starting a bar chain, much to his son's anger. While the Thunderbolts roam the city searching for him, Spider-Man infiltrates their base and attacks Goblin. Meanwhile, Venom enters the F.E.A.S.T. sure to find Spider-Man there, but instead he finds Brock and when the symbiote tries to reunite with him, it transforms into a being he calls Anti-Venom.

Solicit Synopsis


SPIDEY'S a villain? NORMAN OSBORN'S a hero? What kind of crazy, mixed-up world is this? Next thing you'll tell us is that black is white and white is black... Or maybe that has something to do with VENOM, MISTER NEGATIVE, and the birth of an all-new Spider-Villain! Or would that be an all-new Spider-Hero? Either way, True Believer, this is a 1st appearance you do NOT want to miss!

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