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Quote1.png Never has Ka-Zar fought more valiant a foe! I could not bring myself to allow you to perish! Quote2.png

Appearing in "To Kill A Spider-Man!"

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  • NYPD Cars
  • Green Bus. Inc.
  • Professor Smythe's car

Synopsis for "To Kill A Spider-Man!"

Continued from last issue..

Having defeated Spider-Man in battle, Ka-Zar takes Spider-Man to the rooftops to learn the truth about why Jameson hired him to capture the wall-crawler. When Spider-Man revives, he finds that his memory has been restored, and so he tells the whole story. Ka-Zar believes Spider-Man but soon departs when Zabu is threatened by police officers in the area, Spider-Man slinks away during this altercation between the police and Ka-Zar.

Meanwhile, Spencer Smythe has contacted J. Jonah Jameson because he has created a new Spider-Slayer robot for Jameson to use in his quest to capture Spider-Man. They send the robot out, which tracks Spider-Man down to his apartment where he is about to change back into Peter Parker. When he notices the robot, he battles it across the city. When Jameson proves unable to capture Spider-Man, Smythe takes control and sends the robot after Spider-Man determined to kill the wall-crawler. This is more than what Jameson wanted and calls Smythe on the fact that he intends to kill Spider-Man for his own revenge, instead of turning him over to the police. However, Spider-Man manages to defeat the robot by luring it to a spider exhibit where it's spider-detecting device overloads and causes the robot to explode. With yet another failure with one of his Spider-Slayer robots, Smythe is thrown out of Jameson's office.

Spider-Man returns to his apartment where he changes back to Peter Parker, on his way out to find out what happened to Aunt May in his absence. On his way out the door he bumps into Ka-Zar and Zabu, Ka-Zar tells the young man not to be afraid that they are only on an evening stroll.


Continuity Notes

  • Jameson recalls Smythe's previous attempt to help capture Spider-Man, that happened in Amazing Spider-Man #25.

Publication Notes

  • Credits:
    • Wow! Try to beat this combo if you can...
    • Spectacular Script: Smilin' Stan Lee
    • Brilliant Breakdown: Jazzy Johnny Romita
    • Fabulous Finalizing: Dashin' Donny Heck
    • Exotic Embellishment: Mighty Mickey Demeo
    • Luscious Lettering: Swingin' Sammy Rosen
    • And, in the immortal words of Irving Forbush...Whew!


  • Professor Smythe's hair varies from gray to tan and back again throughout the story.

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