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Quote1 I'm not your pal. And these? These aren't my clothes. This's my disguise. It's not who I am. This--this super hero stuff isn't my life! My real life's back on Earth! With my real friends and my real family... Quote2

Appearing in "Face Front, Part 2: 'Nuff Said!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Patronus


  • Dregans
    • Dargo

Other Characters:

Races and Species:




  • Infini-Bus One

Synopsis for "Face Front, Part 2: 'Nuff Said!"

Sue stops her brother from unmasking Spider-Man and Reed informs them that for every hour spent in the Macroverse, several days pass on Earth, however when Mr. Fantastic points out that the problems of the inhabitants of Kort's Land could be caused by their irresponsible use of powers in their previous visit, Spider-Man quickly decides that he will stay until they get everything sorted out. The quintet succeed and during the journey back to Earth, Reed assures Spider-Man that he can make sure his identity is not extorted from them and so he reveals who he is to the Fantastic Four again. Upon returning home, the heroes discover that they have been gone for two months and that J. Jonah Jameson has become mayor of New York.

Solicit Synopsis

FACE FRONT Part 2 of 2

The gloves are off! The MASK is off! And for Spidey and the Torch? It's on! One of the deepest friendships in the Marvel U. is about to take a sudden turn... Plus, life kicks into high gear for practically EVERY member of the supporting cast! Big changes, big surprises, and, like we promised: an event so HUGE, it's going to be felt in almost every Marvel title! This one's a gamechanger, Marvelites! Miss it and you'll miss out!

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