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Quote1.png I made Harry... and I can do any damn thing to him I want. Quote2.png
Norman Osborn

Appearing in "American Son: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "American Son: Part 1"

Peter Parker and Harry Osborn are relaxing in the Central Park. After a failed attempt to charm two girls, they spot the Quinjet flying overhead.

Later, at Frontline, Parker rants to his coworkers on how Norman Osborn is sweet talking the world and placing criminals in the Avengers and no one in the government is doing any oversight of him, meaning, everyone's scared of him. Ben Urich tells him that he needs proof that Osborn is downright rotten.

At a distance from Avengers Tower, Spider-Man has a talk with Wolverine, expressing how guilty he is not finishing off Osborn as the Green Goblin many times. Wolverine advises him to just wait until Osborn loses his mind.

At J. Jonah Jameson's mansion, he and Peter are having a family photo, titled "cousins". Then suddenly, their final guest arrives: Osborn himself. Aunt May asked that she and John Sr. leave, because of her nervousness being near the former Green Goblin. Also, John Sr. could tell that he's "a professional thug who hides his lust for power and contempt for common people behind the American flag". This earns Peter's appreciation. Osborn shoots back that he knows about his dishonorably discharge from the military. He then offers Harry a chance to join his Avengers; Harry laughs at this and leaves.

Later, at Harry's apartment, he is surprised to find Menace, aka Lily Hollister, hovering on her Gob Glider. She transforms back to human form and shows him something shocking.

Meanwhile, Osborn is traveling along Sixth Avenue in his limo, communicating to Victoria Hand via hologram. Then suddenly, the roof is ripped off by none other Spider-Man, who wraps his webs around Osborn and drags him away before beating the stuffing out of him. His cell phone then rings, which he asks Spidey to let him answer. The call is from Harry, accepting his offer. An angry Spidey then runs off.

On the other end, Harry swears to a noticeably pregnant Lily that he'll protect their son.


  • The scene where Spider-Man wraps his webs around Osborn and drags him away is a homage to the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #39.

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