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Synopsis for "American Son, Part 2"

Norman Osborn is in the middle of a press conference with his Avengers standing around him; while he announces that his son; Harry Osborn will be joining the Avengers. Soon After Peter and Harry are arguing about it back at Peter's apartment; Peter arguing that he drastically changed from a couple of hours prior. Harry responds that things have changed; he referring to the fact that his girlfriend Lily is pregnant. Peter tries to remind Harry of the trouble Norman has caused him and Harry soon leaves telling Pete to stay out of his family's business.

Later that day (presumably) Peter is swinging about town as Spider-Man and is thinking to himself over the matter of Harry dealing with his father; and barely notices a building on fire which he swings in to help.

Some time later Harry is at the Avengers tower with his father; who is talking with him about his new job. Norman tells him that he doesn't have full access and Norman tells him he will be living at the tower. Harry then asked about Lily. Norman lies and says that Lily isn't at the tower and that she doesn't want to see him. The pair get on an elevator.

Soon after, Peter is helping Aunt May and Jonah Sr. with the wedding; talking with them about Harry's situation. Aunt May reminds him that it is Harry's situation and that it is their problem and that Peter should just leave it as that. Aunt May leaves the room and Jonah Sr. and Peter talk.

Jonah Sr. tells peter about when he was 20 and in the Army. He went A.W.O.L. so that he could make it home to his girlfriend who was pregnant with their son J. Jonah Jameson, and how he held her hand and stroked her hair as she passed away after having him. He told Peter all of this because he didn't want him to think that his Aunt May was marrying a coward.

Back at the Avengers tower Norman has Harry in a Lab where Norman has a doctor preparing an injection to inoculate Harry as a precaution. Harry distrusts this but Norman assures him that he is being honest about this and does not wish to harm his sobriety. Lily meanwhile watches from a monitor from another room relieved that harry did some.

Peter sits and talks at the gravestone to Gwen Stacy about the situation; reminding himself that Norman Osborn is dangerous.

Some time later Peter is outside the Avengers tower with coffee in hand, waiting for Harry but Norah finds him. She tells him that she got a job at the tower and is trying to find a scoop; believing Norman to be the real story. Peter tries to tell Norah that it's a bad idea and Norah storms back inside the building.

Later that night; at Kings point, Mac Gargan is talking with a prostitute who he prepares to eat, while Bullseye kills rats with coins. Before he can eat the girl though; Spider-man swings in and starts to pull Mac into what appears to be some sort of freezer from a restaurant. So Hawkeye wouldn't hear though; Sue storm made a invisible barrier around Peter and the symbiote in an alleyway. Sue and Peter talk a minute about a plan of Peter's; which involves a black suit that Reed whipped up.

Meanwhile back at the Avengers tower; Harry disables the camera in his room and opens up a suit case full of electronics. Up in the Avengers conference room Peter (dressed up as Norman's Spider-man) and Hawkeye have returned, and Peter seems to fit right in. Norman then begins to tell the group about his vision and why Harry is at the tower; calling it "American Son".

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