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Quote1 When I remove your head and implant it in your intestines, this is why. Quote2
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Appearing in "American Son: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "American Son: Part 3"

Norman Osborn leads his Avengers - including Spider-Man in disguise as Venom - to a restricted laboratory in Avengers Tower. There, he reveals to them his plan for Harry. He will be given a hybrid Super-Soldier/Goblin serum - which Norman has perfected after many unsuccessful human trials - and a suit and go by the codename American Son.

Elsewhere, Harry is about to sneak into Norman’s office when he is grabbed from behind. It’s Lily, who tells Harry she’s scared what Norman will do if he finds out they’re lying to him. Harry tells Lily he thinks Norman has a way to cure her of Menace - after all, he wouldn’t keep Lily around if he didn’t have a way to control her in her goblin form. And once Menace is gone, Norman has no reason to keep her around. Then, they and the baby can disappear. Lily gives Harry a key card that will let him access the tower’s restricted levels, and tells him level 25 is a good place to start looking for secrets.

In Forest Hill, Jay Jameson tries to get May to step away from wedding planning for the night. Suddenly, the power goes out. Little do they know, Octobots are accessing electrical systems across the city from Queens to the Daily Bugle. A familiar set of mechanical arms works in front of a bank of monitors as the figure controlling them decides he will do something great…

Back in Avengers Tower, Norman tells “Venom” to take first shift on monitor duty and directs him to level 25. Spider-Man takes the elevator up, but when the doors open he is immediately attacked by Daken. Daken tells Spidey he smells too clean to be Mac Gargan. Using his pheromones, Daken distorts Spider-Man’s vision and gets the better of him, slashing his back and beating him down. It’s only when Spider-Man closes his eyes and trusts his spider-sense that he turns the tables on Daken and knocks him out.

Spidey senses someone else in the room and turns to see Harry Osborn. He tells Harry who he really is, and Harry tells him he’s going to ruin everything and needs to leave. Suddenly, Norman enters with Ms. Marvel and Bullseye and, seeing Daken’s unconscious body, demands an explanation. Spider-Man tries to keep the ruse up and tells Norman that he stopped Daken from attacking Harry. When Norman asks Harry if this is true, Harry says no and that that is the real Spider-Man.

Bullseye quickly looses two arrows at Spider-Man, each finding purchase in one of Peter’s thighs. He drops to his knees as Norman reveals he knew Spider-Man wasn’t Gargan from the second he entered the building. Bullseye asks what they’re going to do with him, and Norman nonchalantly pulls out a gun and shoots Spider-Man point blank in the head. Spider-Man falls back, bleeding on the floor as the others look on in stunned silence.

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