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Appearing in "American Son: Part 4"

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Synopsis for "American Son: Part 4"

Norman and Bullseye are torturing Spider-Man to try and learn why he is so interested in Harry. However his mask is composed of unstable molecules, preventing them from taking it off. He even successfully tricks Bullseye into saying an insulting phrase.

Meanwhile, Norman introduces Harry to his new role as the Amercan Son, which will involve him using a powered exoskeleton and a combination of both the supersoldier formula and the Goblin serum.

Norman soon brings up a repulsor that was set on a frequency to synch the unstable molecules into becoming stable, which is slowly destroying the mask. He also reveals that he plans on having Harry die shortly after his inception as the American Son, which will make him a martyr, which will make the people feel sorry for him, enabling him to do whatever he pleases. In anger, Spidey breaks free.

Meanwhile, Harry steals the cure for Lily, only to have her reveal that she doesn't really love him, and the baby is really Norman's. Harry runs away from her as she chases him. He comes into the lab just to see his father is about to kill Spider-Man. Therefore, Harry dons the American Son armor for the first time.

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