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Synopsis for "Long-Term Arrangement, Part 2"

Spider-Man and Black Cat have broken into a hotel room and made love. Peter tries to ask Felicia about the events of the last issue but Felicia says to wait until morning and then they can 'play grown up' As Cat disappears, a newly wedded couple comes into their room. Spidey barely gets out with his costume on. Spiderman notes as he swings through the city that it was the best night of sleep he's had for a month and he doesn't feel an ounce of guilt.

Spidey then tracks down Dexter Bennett at the DB, showing him an image of the dead guy who was lying in his safe. Bennett confesses that the man is Mayer, a former business partner of his. Spidey also notices the newspaper article with him and Cat sharing a kiss on the front page.

Spidey makes a stakeout at Mayer's warehouse. His spider-sense also alerts him to Cat's presence. He tries asking her about the ledger book she stole from Bennett, she ignores his questions, instead gets intimate with him until Spider-Man hears a ringer.

Down below, Diablo uses his science to erase peoples minds. Then suddenly, Spider-Man crashes right into him. As Black Cat assists him, Diablo uses one of his capsules to liquefy the cement beneath their feet. Spider-Man manages to tear himself from the ground and smash the solid cement against a pipe. However, Diablo unleashes a gold-like substance that slowly encases them and cutting off their air. As he tries leaving, one of his capsules falls from his belt and dissolves the substance. Spidey then flings web balls at him before trying CPR on Cat. Diablo then escapes in a cloud of smoke.

Back at the DB, Spidey realizes that Mayer had 20,000 tons of steel but refused to disclose it to Bennett. But that steel was made by Diablo and not meant to last. Already there a building made of that steel. Cat then asks Spidey if he trusts her, for there are some mysteries that she has to solve alone. He asks if she looked at his unmasked face; she replies no.

Soon enough Cat informs Spidey of the building, which he covers entirely in his webbing. Jonah tries to get into the people's good books while this happen, until Spidey knocks off his hat with a web ball. He then rejoins Cat on a rooftop, where he informs her that Diablo killed Mayer and was after Bennett and the building's collapse was meant to hide something. The problem is, what was he trying to cover up.

Black Cat and Spiderman discuss the events of last night and agree to a no-strings attached relationship and share a passionate kiss with Black Cat mentioning to keep his mask on this time.

In Diablo's lair, he listens to the news report where Jonah has taken credit for stop the building's collapse. Then, Ana Kravinov enters, stating that her mother would like a word with him.

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