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Quote1.png I'm going to raze Bennett's temple of lies like Joshua at Jericho! But I'll need your help, New York! Your power! If you want justice, give me that power -- by turning on every light and appliance in this city! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Power to the People! Part Two"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Annie (Thinker's assistant)
  • Mooney (Mr. Bennett's security guard)




Synopsis for "Power to the People! Part Two"

Spider-Man is ganged up upon by a mob who is supporting Electro's anti-Dexter Bennett stance. He is forced to escape into the sewers to evade them. Meanwhile, Electro is attempting to contact the Mad Thinker, wanting help with his powers that are overwhelming him. Mad Thinker reminds him that he should've been taking money for the procedure instead of raising a mob. Electro refuses to be patronized and signs off.

Spidey gets into his Peter Parker persona and runs up asking where Electro had gone and trying to reason that his alter ego wasn't trying to do any damage. A bearded man argues that people like him have to pay taxes while Spider-Man gets to live with the Avengers and asks Peter whose side he's one. The answer is the truth and he takes a picture of the man's snarl.

Bennett is making all the precautions to protect himself. Unfortunately, as he was taking a bath, Electro turns up, demanding that he pay up if he wants a reprieve from the mob's wrath.

Back at Peter and Michele's apartment, the former is attempting to use his spider-tracer tech to help find Electro through the city power lines. But when he plugs in too many plugs, he accidentally makes the side-effect of melting Michele's hairdryer.

At the Thinker's lab, his assistant Annie approaches him to confide her concerns about Electro. The Mad Thinker tells her that the probability of Electro becoming irrational from his chemical imbalance thereby ensuring that he'll never get the money is near-zero, as Electro throws a bag full of money onto the holographic table. Mad Thinker then tells Annie to prep the gene splicer.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man is swinging through the streets, wondering how to appease Michele before focusing his thoughts on stopping Electro. At the same time, his Aunt May and her new husband Jay Jameson are knocking on his apartment room door and are greeted by an angry Michele.

Electro is hooked up to the Mad Thinker's machines, but Annie soon learns that they aren't depowering him, but powering him up. Just as the Mad Thinker says that nothing can stop the process now, Spider-Man crashes in. Mad Thinker freaks out, seeing that Spider-Man interference is now killing Electro. But he is quickly proven incorrect, as the electric villain is feeling energized and capable of turning into living electricity. As the Mad Thinker and Annie flee, Electro unleashes his full fury. He then shouts to all of New York through every electronic in the city that he's coming for Bennett and his DB.

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