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  • Johnny (Fireman)




Synopsis for "Power to the People: Part Three"

The issue begins with New York citizens turning on all their electric powered items. Lights, vacuums, microwaves, anything that runs on electricity. Electro holds up a news station and demands they tell everyone his name. He gets in front of the camera and thanks the citizens of NYC for helping power him. Spider-Man gets up amongst rubble and firefighters help him out. At the DB building, a man runs into the office screaming for everyone to evacuate. People begin to run to the door only to find it electrified by Electro. Spider-Man reaches the DB building and tells JJJ that he needs his anti-spider squad to get to Electro. Electro storms through the office destroying everything in his path. He tells Bennett that the power he wields is not his own, but the power of the people. Spider-Man flies through a window behind Electro and tells Bennett to leave. Underground a highly specialized team cuts the power to the city. Electro gets angry when the power is drained. Electro starts flinging bolts at Spider-Man, as he dodges each one. Electro blows a huge hole in the side of the building. Spider-Man warns Electro that he is just draining his own power and tells him that he can't escape. Electro hears this and he goes into a socket in the wall, becoming pure electricity. He comes out of a light above Spider-Man and punches him through a wall. Spider-Man gets back up and webs up his own hands. The fight continues and Spidey punches through a column thats holding up part of the building. It starts to collapse. Spider-Man gets Electro in a vulnerable position and webs him up. This angers Electro even more and he lets out a large blast of power out around him, sending Spidey flying. Spider-Man comes right back at him and kicks him in the chest with both feet, sending Electro through floor after floor. Bennett is talking with Jameson when pebbles start to hit him in the head. A huge chunk of concrete lands on Bennett's legs. Spidey moves the large piece off of Bennent and picks him up. Jameson says he will get paramedics but Spidey tells him no. The whole building begins to rumble. The building topples over as if by a demolition crew. Jameson stares at the rubble with horror. The next day Peter is standing in front of the rubble with Betty Brant and they reminisce about the first days of Peter's job at the Bugle. Peter begins to worry about his other enemies coming to attack him, foreshadowing the rest of the gauntlet. In a jail somewhere Electro is being moved to a cell, he is surprised as to what is in his cell. Sitting before him is the Chameleon and Sasha Kravinoff...

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