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Appearing in "Keemia's Castle"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Herman Cohen (Murder victim)
  • Alma Alvarado (Murder victim)
  • DeShawn Price (Murder victim)



Synopsis for "Keemia's Castle"

Keemia is playing by a statue of a bird and begins to tell us about herself. She is seen basically alone. She says the king keeps movies in the theatre and food in the restaurant. She lays down on the ground when a castle starts to build itself around her, a giant sand castle. Switching to Peter we find him walking into his office, people running around frantically. Glory, his boss, has an assignment for him, to check out a crime lab that has evidence missing. She tells him to blame it on the tech that was working at the time, Carlie Cooper. Jonah Jameson is standing in front of the DB building rubble with Robbie. They begin talking and JJ tells Robbie that the city is just waiting for him to sign a demolition paper to completely tear the building down.

Peter is in the crime lab and Carlie starts pleading with Peter to believe her. She shows Peter the locker that the evidence was in and points to the empty evidence bags. Grains of sand can be seen on the bags. She goes on to explain what murders the weapons were used in. That's when Carlie is escorted from the building as she is suspended without pay. That night Spidey goes to investigate each murder to find out where the weapons went. He sneaks into Alma Alvarato's apartment and turns on a desk lamp. He looks up to see an assortment of super villains plastered to the wall. Spidey concludes that Alma may have been a criminal groupie. He finds a photo of Flint Marko (aka Sandman) and picks it up. While he's glancing at the photo an old woman bursts into the room pointing a shotgun at Spidey. Spidey covers the barrel of the gun with web and explains to the lady that he is trying to find who killed Alma. The lady tells Spidey that all she can worry about now is her granddaughter, Keemia. The lady begins to explain what happened to Keemia based on witness accounts. Keemia had been building a snow man when all of a sudden it seemed to come to life, telling Keemia that he was sent to take her to her father. The lady says she doesn't know who the father is, but one of the criminals she had been seeing had started giving her a hard time, so she went to a lawyer for a restraining order. Turns out that lawyer is another one of the victims, Herman Cohen.

Spidey visits Betty Brant for information on the third victim, DeShawn Price. All she knows is DeShawn Price was working with the Mayor to produce a winter concert series on Governor's Island, she turns around to find Spidey gone. Spidey appears on the opposite side of her scaring Betty half to death.Spider-Man leaves and the next page shows him gliding to Governor's Island on a parachute made of webbing. Spidey lands on the same bird statue that Keemia had been playing by. He looks down and sees what looks like an army of snowmen. Spidey walks further into the island, which had once been a military base. He roams around finding no signs of life. He stops and says that Marko should come out now. Sandman comes out of the ground and starts a scuffle with Spidey. He tells Spidey that he has claimed the island as his own.The fight continues and Spidey tells Sandman all he came for was the girl, he asks Marko what the girl means to him. He gets angry and screams at Peter that she is everything, sending him flying with a massive punch. Spidey rebounds and inserts a green web cartridge into his web shooters. He shoots the webs at Sandman, Sandman laughs at the feeble attempt. Sandman begins to dissolve and turn green and Spidey tells him it was laced with Hydrofluoric Acid and that the acid is dissolving the individual granules of Sandman's body. Spidey begins to walk away, thinking Sandman finished. He hears Sandmans voice and turns around to see many Sandpeople, all gearing up to attack him.

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