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| StoryArc = The Gauntlet
| StoryArc = The Gauntlet
| StoryTitle1 = Mysterioso Part 2: Re-Appearing Act
| StoryTitle1 = Mysterioso Part 2: Re-Appearing Act
| Synopsis1 = Spider-Man swings by a gang battle between the Maggia and Mister Negative's Inner Demons. Captain Yuri Wantanabe and an entire squadron of NYPD officers break up the battle. Spider-Man then runs into a revived Big Man and his posse. Spidey, however is unconvinced that Frederick Foswell is back after so many years, and webs a gangster who was about to open fire on him. The blinded gangster still pulls the trigger, killing everyone in the posse. The Big Man, however survives and Spider-Man takes his mask off. Under the mask is Captain George Stacy, and Spider-Man realizes that Mysterio was behind it all and he vows to have Mysterio pay for making it personal. Later, Mysterio turns on Carmine and has "Silvermane" kill him.
| Synopsis1 =
| Appearing1 =
| Appearing1 =

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Appearing in "Mysterioso Part 2: Re-Appearing Act"

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