Quote1 Didn't they ever tell you not to broadcast your plans? But that's the trouble with women... they just can't keep their mouths shut! Quote2
-- Spider-Man

Appearing in "Make Way for... Medusa!"

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Synopsis for "Make Way for... Medusa!"

While web-slinging through the city, Spider-Man's web is cut by Medusa's Mono Cruiser, and the two engage in a brief battle before it's learned that Medusa has come on a good will mission on behalf of the Inhuman nation. Spider-Man decides to live and let be having more important things to worry about. As Medusa is being convinced Montgomery G. Bliss, owner of Heavenly Hair-Spray, to partake in an advertising campaign -- Peter Parker tries to patch things up with Gwen, to no avail.

When Medusa gets fed up of dealing with the fickleness of Bliss' corporate image, she goes on a rampage in his office before leaving. Spotting Spider-Man nearby, Bliss gets an idea to trick Spider-Man into a fight with Medusa and have a hidden camera man take pictures of the fight to try and salvage his campaign.

Spider-Man takes the bait and attacks Medusa, however during their fight the truth comes out and Spider-Man lets Medusa free. Fed up with her treatment in New York, Medusa decides to leave and return to the hidden land. Spider-Man then ruins Bliss' hope of capitalizing on the photos by telling the press that Medusa was wild and out of control.


Continuity Notes

  • Gwen is upset at Peter for attacking her father, then publishing photos of him stealing police documents in Amazing Spider-Man #60-61.
  • Norman Osborn is starting to remember his double-identity as the Green Goblin, memories he lost during his last battle Spider-Man in Amazing Spider-Man #40.

Publication Notes

  • This issue is reprinted in Superhero Women, Marvel Tales #45 & Spider-Man Comics Magazine #4
  • Credits:
    • Another Titanic Triumph by: Smilin' Stan Lee and Jazzy Johnny Romita
    • Delineated by: Dashing Don Heck
    • Inking: Mighty Mickey Demeo
    • Lettering: Swingin' Sammy Rosen

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  1. 1.0 1.1 First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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