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Synopsis for "Out for Blood"

Spider-Man and Black Cat have teamed up to infiltrate Mr. Negatives compound in Chinatown to retrieve Spider-Man's blood, which has been used to create Devil's Breath, a poison that can only kill him. Even though joining Black Cat on this heist puts him at risk, Spider-Man doesn't believe she can handle Mr. Negative on her own.

While trying to sneak past an Inner Demon, Spider-Man accidentally alerts him to their presence. To keep him silent, Spider-Man must web him up, but since his webbing dissolves in an hour, they are now on a time crunch.

Meanwhile, Aunt May, still under the effects of Mr. Negative's negative touch has kicked out all of the relatives that have been staying in her house, including Harry, who she cruelly insults. At the same time, Carlie and Captain Watanabe are still at the Empyrean Opera House, but Watanabe is too afraid to send anyone inside because of Mr. Negative's gas. Carlie, holding a sample of it, tells her that the gas only affects people whose blood was used to make it. Carlie intends to recreate the gas with the sample she retrieved. Shortly after, she gets a call from her dad, who plans to use the money he earned working for Mysterio to take them out of the country.

Through an air vent above Mr. Negative's office, Blask Cat disables his security, but Spider-Man can sense something on the other side of the door. After Black Cat unlocks the door, she closes Spider-Man inside so that he can act as a distraction for the Inner Demons.

With no place to go, Harry moves into Mary Jane's apartment, much to her reluctance.

During Spider-Man's battle with the Inner Demons, Mr. Negative appears and quickly and easily dispatches Spider-Man punching through several buildings and into an alleyway.

Ray and Carlie meet at a U-Store-It, where Carlie claims to be picking up some of her mother's things that have been stored away. However, she closes the storage room and puts on a gas mask before throwing a vial of Devil's Breath poison she made out of her own blood hoping to get the truth about the man claiming to be her father. If he is her father, she could care less if he dies because of what he has become. He reacts violently and attempts to take her gas mask. Now that she knows that he is her father, she admits to him that the poison was actually knockout gas. After he loses consciousness, she calls Watanabe to pick him up.

Black Cat breaks into Mr. Negatives safe and sees the vial of blood sitting on top of a stack of money, making her realize that Spider-Man came along to make sure she only swapped the blood so that Mr. Negative doesn't know what she did. While looking for Spider-Man in the alleyway, Mr. Negative tells him that the code he lives by requires him to come down on Spider-Man for breaking into his home, but Spider-Man, still hidden, says that New York is his home and Negative came into his home first. Afterwards, Black Cat meets up with Spider-Man and hands him his blood, which has been swapped with pig's blood.

Aunt May walks into Jay Jameson's apartment, who is on the phone with her sister. Jay tells her that she shouldn't have kicked her relatives out of the house because they were her wedding gift from him, but Aunt May dismisses his gift and calls them leeches. As for Mary Jane, she wakes up to Harry making breakfast, a pleasant surpise.

While walking home, Peter finds Carlie on his stoop, who says she has decided to take charge of her life and wanted to confront Peter about skipping their lunch date, but she sees that he has a few injuries and takes him inside to clean him up. There, she tells him that he only has one more shot with her.

In his lab at Phelcorp Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Curt Conners is working on something mysterious, something he doesn't want his boss to know about. However, his boss wants something by next month or else he's fired and he needs this job to prove to the courts that he can support his son. Dr. Conners promises to have something ready for him by then.

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