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Synopsis for "One Moment in Time, Chapter One: Something Old"

The comic begins with a flash back to One More Day. It shows Mary Jane whispering to Mephisto. Back to present day, Mary Jane visits Peter at home with a bottle of wine. Peter awkwardly asks what Mary Jane is doing there. Peter mentions that ever since MJ came back that she has been distant. She agrees that she has been cold towards him recently. She tells Peter that she realises being cold isn't really helping the situation between them, so she came over to talk through it with him, to clear the air. Peter still acts awkward and MJ says she can leave if he wants her to. He stops her from going and tells her that he is glad to see her and that she is right about talking to each other. Peter explains that he has wanted to talk to MJ about everything but the scars are still there for him. MJ replies saying that the scars are with her as well. Peter gets excited and tells her it's good she has the scars too, but realised after it came out of his mouth that it was the wrong thing to say. He immediately explains himself by saying he is just glad he is not in the situation alone. MJ explains that she wants to be a a part of Peter's life again, even though it could never be the same as it was before. She wants to be friends with Peter again but says there is an elephant in the room and it won't go away. Peter asks MJ if she has any regrets, she tells him that she could have been a better person to him. He interrupts her and asks if she has any regrets about never getting married. She says she doesn't exactly have regrets about it but she wonders what life would have been like if they had been married. Peter says he wonders that same thing too. Rewind several years to days before their wedding. Spider-man is swinging through the city when he comes across a group of squad cars surrounding a building. He sees a paddy wagon tipped on it's side, the back doors broken open. Spider-man thinks to himself that whoever escaped must be hiding within the surrounded building. A S.W.A.T team moves in and Spider-man decides to let them handle the situation, as they were highly trained for this very situation. As the S.W.A.T team nears the building, bolts of electricity smash through the window towards the officers; Spider-man decides to help. Inside the building a man is seen putting on a yellow and green outfit. He puts on a mask and we realise it's the super villain Electro. He breaks out of the building launching bolts at a squad car making it explode. He begins to shoot officers around him. A brave officer approaches Electro and tell him to freeze. Electro send a bolt right into the man's torso. One of Electro's henchmen sees that the cop is not dead so he aims a sub machine gun directly at the man. A web lashes out and pulls the gun from the man's hand and as he looks up to see the cause of the web another one snags him up by the back. Another henchman wonders where Eddie went and Spider-man shows him tied up to a street light as he shoots webs at the other men's guns. As Eddie is being thrown into the back of a squad car he hears the officer's last name and warns the cop that he knows people that know where he lives. A bird starts flapping it's wings and flying into the windshield, scaring Eddie. Somehow the bird phases through the glass and unlocks the cop car, setting Eddie free. This is obviously the work of Mephisto. Spider-man swings back to MJ's to say goodnight before he heads back to his place. Peter gets home and is unable to fall asleep. He begins to think about Gwen and how much being Spider-man has cost him. The next morning arrives and Peter is still awake as the phone rings. MJ calls to tell him about the gift she got from a friend, the gift being her wedding dress. MJ squeals about how excited she is and Peter replies with an unenthusiastic "me too". Hours later we come to find Eddie sitting in a bar communicating with some unsavoury characters. He holds up a card with the address of the cop that arrested him. The man he got the card from mentions that his employer considers the information a retainer for future services. MJ and Peter are out having lunch and he tells her about a bachelor party that Flash and Harry are throwing for him, while MJ says that she is having a bachelorette party. A bit later we find Peter, Flash, and Harry enjoying champagne at the Coffee Bean. Peter reveals to his friends that he is having doubts about the marriage. Flash gets angry and explains that he thinks about getting married all the time, and that all his foul-ups with women make marriage all the more desirable and precious. He tells Peter that if he has the chance to be married he has to take it. Flash asks Peter if he loves Mj. He replies by saying he desperately loves MJ. Flash then says that the question of marriage is settled. We then follow MJ at her party were a buff guys is bursting out of a cake, lots of men hitting on her. She says her fiancée wouldn't approve. Peter thanks his friends for the advice, Peter tells them that marriage may be a challenge but he was going to go through with it. When Flash and Harry are alone Flash mentions that Peter still seems to have a lot of doubts. Harry says he loves Peter like a brother, but he is about to marry the craziest party girl he's ever met, and that she will chew him up and spit him out. MJ is talking with a friend and as they talk MJ says that she can look forward to no more lonely nights. Back to present day, Peter asks if he did that a lot. MJ asks what and he says that he used to just swing out the window and leave MJ alone. Peter says he never meant to hurt her like he did and that thee are times that his life seems like on endless nightmare after another. Back to before the wedding we are shown Peter having a nightmare, where all his enemies are present at his wedding and begin attacking everyone he cares about. Peter wakes up and wonders what he is getting MJ into. He swings out and sits up on the side of a building when he starts to hear gunfire. Cut to a rooftop where a man is seen running from someone. It's the cop that Eddie wanted to kill. Eddie is chasing him and his wife and just as Eddie is about to pull the trigger on his wife, Spider-man interferes. The guy drops his gun and slams a cinder block right into Peter's skull. Eddie begins to run off and as he nears the edge of the building, a brick broke loose and Eddie began to fall. Spider-man has no time to stop the fall so he puts his body under Eddie's as the tumble to the ground. Spider-man is knocked out. The next morning it's the wedding, and Peter is nowhere to be found. As MJ worries we are shown spider-man still on the street, Eddie nowhere to be found.


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