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Synopsis for "One Moment in Time, Chapter Two: Something New"

Note: Read synopsis of last issue. It's present day again and Peter asks MJ if he has to keep going with the story. She says there are things she wants to tell him but he has to finish his story first. Peter begins again and we find Spider-Man sitting on the edge of a building, head in his hands. He is freaking out about the marriage and wonders what he has just done. Peter tries calling MJ but she doesn't answer, he smashes his phone from frustration. He decides to see if she went back home, he starts to desperately swing towards where MJ lives, telling himself he has to make this right. He looks into MJ's window and sees she is not there, just the stuff she had packed to move in with Peter. Spider-Man begins swinging through the whole city looking for her, screaming her name. He decides to stop searching due to his pounding head after getting hit with the cinder block. He goes home and collapses on the floor. He finds MJ's veil on the floor next to him, she was here. She asks what the deal was, what happened to make him not show? She asks if it was cold feet and asks if she means that little to him. He tries to explain but she cuts him off. She screams at him to take his mask off if he wants to speak to her. He takes it off and she sees his swollen lip and black eye. She realises that he missed the wedding due to Spider-Man. She tells him that the fact he was gone wasn't any better, she thought it was worse for him to miss the wedding because of Spider-Man rather than him having cold feet. She asks Peter how many times Spider-Man had gotten between them.She mentions that she doesn't want to be Spider-Man's wife, she wants to be Peter's. She attempts to ask him if he can stop being Spider-Man, but he interrupts her telling her he can't. She screams at Peter and throws his mask at his face. Peter tries to grab her so she won't leave but it makes her scream more and she runs out and slams the door. Peter falls to his knees in front of the door. Back in the present, Peter tells MJ that he thought that was the last time he would ever see her. MJ says it is her turn to tell him her side. Back to the story, MJ is eating lunch with Aunt Anna. Aunt Anna guesses it took just 24 hours for MJ to get back on her feet. MJ remembers laying on the couch in her wedding dress, holding the tickets to Paris for their honeymoon. On the TV she sees Spider-Man saving a vehicle from dropping off the overpass. She throws the phone at the TV shattering it. At lunch, she explains it wasn't as simple as a matter of time. As MJ and Aunt Anna talk a little boy on the side walk jumps up wearing a Spider-Man shirt, exclaiming that he was Spider-Man. The little boy's mother picks him up and apologises, MJ shoots her a dirty look. Aunt Anna tells her that Peter is a good man, he was probably just scared. MJ is motivated by this to visit Peter again. She opens the door and sees that Peter's apartment was a mess. Peter tells her he hasn't left outside of Spider-Man stuff since the wedding day. She tells Peter about how she wanted kids, and also mentions that she now knows that she could never bring a child into a life like theirs. She said that although Peter wasn't abusive like her father, the whole life with Spider-Man was just as bad. She admits the only reason she wanted to get married was to have kids, and that she didn't have to be married to Peter to be with him. She tells Peter she still wants to be a part of his life. Back to the present, Peter thinks back to his past mistakes, noting that outside of Gwen's death, unmasking was the worst mistake he'd ever made. We finished the reason why they were never married, now it starts to explain how Aunt May was save and how the world forgot Peter's identity. He says he if had never unmasked Aunt May would not have been shot. He says it's not like he didn't try to fix it, as he went to Doctor Strange and fought with Iron Man. Doctor Strange tells him there is nothing he can do. Peter sits on Doctor Strange's doorstep and tells MJ it felt like the end of the world at that moment. We are taken to the hospital where MJ sees Peter walk in and asks if he is ok. They go outside and start to talk when Aunt May's heart monitor flat lines. Peter rushes in and as the doctor's try to revive her he sees them fail. He freaks out and decides to perform CPR on her anyway. A miracle occurs and as Peter is pressing her chest the heart monitor lights up again. He had saved her, and the doctor is baffled.

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