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Quote1.png The battle of the century is about to begin, right here near the Daily Bugle, and I don't have one %$!!?#$#!* photographer to cover it! How can this happen to a doll-boy like me?!! Quote2.png
J. Jonah Jameson

Appearing in "The Vulture's Prey"

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Synopsis for "The Vulture's Prey"

Spider-Man is fighting against the original Vulture. However, his ability to fight is hampered by an arm injury sustained in an earlier battle with Toomes. During the fight, J. Jonah Jameson grabs hold of Spider-Man so that the Vulture can finish him off. However this only succeeds in the Vulture using Spidey to attack Jameson and Joe Robertson, and Joe is injured. Spider-Man breaks free and webs up Jameson and checks to see if Joe is okay before leaving.

Meanwhile, Gwen is told by her father (whose memories from when he was brainwashed have come back) that Peter never attacked him when he was under the Kingpin's influence, which brings Gwen happiness as she hopes to patch things up with Peter. However, her joy is replaced with worry when Betty Brant and Ned Leads tell Gwen that Peter was on the roof of the Bugle building when the Vultures attacked.

While Spider-Man has continued his fight with the Vulture, the fight is taking much of his waning strength. However, Spidey manages to short circuit the Vulture's power pack, forcing him to flee. Exhausted after the fight, Spider-Man simply passes out in the middle of the road.


Continuity Notes

Publication Notes

  • Credits:
    • Special Location: Side of the building Spider-Man is on
    • A new high in Marvel magnificence Produced + Presented by: Stan (The Man) Lee and John (Ring-a-Ding) Romita
    • Ably Augmented by: Dazzlin' Donnie Heck
    • Embellishment: Mickey Demeo
    • Lettering: Artie Simek


  • Betty's hair is incorrectly colored black instead of her usual brown.

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