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Synopsis for "Origin of the Species, Part Four"

In the police station, Hypno-Hustler tries to get the cops to protect him against Spider-Man. Suddenly, a ball of web containing Diablo, Overdrive and Spot comes rolling into the station. The lieutenant orders the villains to be incarcerated, saying that Spider-Man is not so friendly tonight.

In Midtown, Spider-Man captures Screwball and Looter.

In the Kravinoff mansion, Doctor Octopus talks with Chameleon, saying that the baby is the first of a new species. Due to that the serums inside Harry and Lily co-mingled when they reproduced, the baby is beyond Octopus' procurement.

In 587 Park Avenue, Mary Jane and Lily are in Shelly Hatton's panic room, while Shelly protects them with a gun. Suddenly, Carlie enters Shelly's apartment, but they are attacked by Tombstone who enters the panic room. Lily rams Tombstone with her Menace glider.

Spider-Man continues defeating villains until he finds Shocker, Sandman and the Enforcers in Pier 92. Destroying the pier, Spider-Man attacks Shocker, who tells him that Doctor Octopus is at Kravinoff Mansion. Going into the mansion, Spider-Man captures the Chameleon, who tells him that the baby is still alive and that the Lizard has him.

Solicit Synopsis

The journey of ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES continues, as an army of Spidey’s greatest villains sets the stage for one of the toughest fights of Spidey's life. You won't want to miss a single, bone-breaking page!

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