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Synopsis for "Origin of the Species, Part Five"

Spider-Man arrives at the Lizard's hideout, as does Dr. Octopus. Stopping Doc Ock from attacking a hobo, Spider-Man tries to get Doc Ock to help him recover the baby. Doc Ock agrees, but Spider-Man then reveals that the Chameleon told him about the Octo-Tracer. He removes the Octo-Tracer and tosses it to Doc Ock, who attacks him. Spider-Man ties up his mechanical arms and throws him to a wall. Suddenly, Spider-Man is attacked by the Lizard. However, Spider-Man threatens to attack the Lizard with the Lizard serum if he doesn't give him the baby. Lizard agrees and reveals that he got a blood sample from the baby and found out that Norman Osborn is not the father. The Lizard then gives the baby to Spider-Man, saying that if Norman is not the father, then the baby is no use to him. Doc Ock then attacks the Lizard, while Spider-Man escapes with the baby.

In 587 Park Avenue, the cops are taking Tombstone away while Mary Jane is receiving a test message from Peter that says that he is at the Avengers Tower with the baby and that she send Harry and Lily to the Tower. Mary Jane tells the news to Lily, who says that the reason she is called Menace is because she is a menace to everyone she cares about, and for that, she can't be in her baby's life. She then leaves in her Menace glider, but not before confessing her love for Harry and her son.

In the Avengers Tower, Harry meets with Spider-Man, who tells him that Norman is not the baby's father. After some blood tests, Spider-Man discovers that Harry is the real father. Spider-Man allows Harry to keep the baby and start a new life. Also, Steve Rogers has used his connections with the government to clear Spider-Man of the kidnapping charges.

Solicit Synopsis

THE HEARTBREAKING CONCLUSION OF ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES! The odds are stacked against Spider-Man as he and Harry Osborn fight side-by-side in a battle to save Harry's child. The people Peter Parker cares about most are in danger, and someone won’t live to tell the tale! “Save everyone; never insist on resting!”


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