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Quote1.png The Black Cat thinks this is tasteful. Oh God, I must look like a total skank. Quote2.png
Norah Winters

Appearing in "Kill to be You"

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  • Delvadian Military Jeep
  • Hobgoblin's Glider (Kingsley's)

Synopsis for "Kill to be You"

Phillip Urich and Peter Parker (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 649 0001.jpg

Roderick Kingsley is hired by the Kingpin for some unknown mission. The Kingpin offers Hobgoblin some of his resources, but Kingsley replies that he already has a place.

Kinglsey later goes to One of Norman Osborn's armories, where he gets all of his weapons. There, he finds a pair of wings and a fire sword. He also finds Phil Urich hidden under a desk. Phil says that he knows this place because he used to be a Green Goblin. Kingsley plans to kill him, saying that he can't let anyone else know about the armory. However, Phil immobilizes him with his sonic scream, he grabs the fire sword and slices Kingsley's head off, killing him. He then takes his place as the Hobgoblin.

Norah Winters goes undercover in Brooklyn to discover a gang of criminals that support Osborn's ideals. Just when the criminals are about to attack her, Spider-Man and Black Cat appear and defeat them. After they save Norah, Spider-Man and Black Cat go separate ways.

Later, Peter returns to his apartment in Park Avenue. There, he is met by Carlie, who hopes to spend more time with him. However, the police calls her, saying that they need her to clean up a superhuman crime scene left when Spider-Man and Black Cat defeated the bikers in Brooklyn. This forces Carlie to leave.

In the new offices of the Daily Bugle, Robbie Robertson and the others begin their new work. There, Phil mets with his uncle, Ben Urich. Ben offers him a job at the Bugle, but Phil replies that he has already a job. He then pulls out a Horizon Labs folder from his jacket.

In the next morning, Peter prepares to go to his first day of work at Horizon Labs. Aunt May offers to go with him, and Peter accepts. As Peter goes to Horizon Labs, Aunt May remembers when Peter said to her that he would quit school to get a job. May refused, saying that Peter needed to complete school because his Uncle Ben wanted him to become a scientist. After remembering this, May says "He did it, Ben."

In the City Hall, Commander Steve Rogers meets with J. Jonah Jameson. Steve wants Jameson to give the key to city to Spider-Man, saying that Spider-Man saved New York from Doctor Octopus's army of robots. Jameson refuses, saying that there is already a key ceremony for his son, John Jameson, being planned. John then appears and forces his father to accept.

At the Raft, a pair of scientsts check on Mac Gargan's status. They realize that without the Venom symbiote, Gargan will die. Mach-5 appears and says that when he used to be Beetle and Gargan was the Scorpion, they belonged to a group called the Masters of Evil. Mach-5 could remove his armor any time he wanted, but Gargan's suit was fully bonded to his body. The scientists then say that they need a specialist in hi-tech to save Gargan.

In Horizon Labs, Peter begins his first day of work. However, the Hobgoblin attacks the building, and Peter changes into Spider-Man. Saving Max Modell's life, Spider-Man prepares to fight the Hobgoblin, but the Hobgoblin immobilizes Spider-Man with his sonic scream.

Solicit Synopsis

THE HOBGOBLIN’S BACK! You wanted him, you got him! And he’s ready to hit the BIG TIME too—with a whole new bag of tricks! Who’s under the mask this time? Is it Roderick Kingsley, Jason Macendale, or somebody else? Ready for another long, unfolding mystery with months of clues, red herrings, and shocking twists? Well tough! We’re showing you who he is in THIS ISSUE! Plus: What’s wrong with Mac Gargan? More trouble for Norah Winters. And Peter Parker makes good on a promise that goes back to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Vol 1 1! Guest-starring the BLACK CAT!


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