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Quote1.png It was just a grudge fight, that's all! Personally, I can't stand anyone who carries a grudge! Quote2.png
J. Jonah Jameson about the Spider-Man/Vulture battle

Appearing in "The Impossible Escape!"

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  • Escaping prisoners

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Synopsis for "The Impossible Escape!"

Having passed out in the middle of the street following his fight with the Vulture, Spider-Man is taken into police custody, but George Stacy ensures that Spider-Man's mask is not removed, to protect his civil rights. Gwen looks for Peter, but can't find him and assumes the worst.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man is transported to the local prison and put in the infirmary where he will be questioned when he revives. However, this never happens because the prisoners take over the prison and hold George Stacy hostage. Spider-Man revives and fights through all the cons and frees Stacy.

Afterward, Stacy tries to appeal to Spider-Man to stay for questioning and to reveal his identity and try and prove that he is not a criminal. Spider-Man refuses, because of his concern over his Aunt May's safety should his identity become public knowledge. Spider-Man then leaves, and when a furious J. Jonah Jameson visits the prison after wanting to know why they let Spider-Man escape, the answer is straightforward: He stopped a prison break and diffuse a hostage situation.


Continuity Notes

  • Harry is worried about his father and his obsession with the Green Goblin. He is unaware that his father is the Green Goblin. However, his father was stricken with selective amnesia and forgotten about his double identity following his battle with Spider-Man in Amazing Spider-Man #3940.

Publication Notes

  • Credits:
    • How Lucky Can We Be--?
    • Bestowed upon a fortunate fandom by: Stan (The Man) Lee and John (Ring-a-Ding) Romita
    • Artistically Aided by Jim (Madman) Mooney with Lettering by Artie Simek

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