Quote1 With my spider-strength, speed, and agility nothing could've stopped me from landing any sports scholarship-- or getting on any professional team I wanted. Nothing except a sense of responsibility. And a tiny bit of pride. Quote2
-- Peter Parker

Appearing in "Revenge of the Spider-Slayer (part one): Army of Insects"

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  • Vertex Shuttle

Synopsis for "Revenge of the Spider-Slayer (part one): Army of Insects"

Peter, May, Jay and Mary Jane watch Carlie at her roller derby match. Mary Jane watches how Peter is, noting that Peter hasn't been happy for a long time. After ages, Peter finally managed to balance his civillian life, superhero duties and get a girlfriend. However, she recognizes that he did it all of that without her. Mary Jane then shrugs off those feelings and decides to be happy for Peter and Carlie.

In New Jersey, the Spider-Slayers arrive at the the Andru Air Force base, as they are monitored by Alistair Smythe. They watch as J. Jonah Jameson arrives at the base. Jameson and Marla talk about the launch. Marla says that Max Modell is monitoring the launch. Jameson and Marla then meet with John and Max Modell, who tells him that Peter will be coming to the launch.

After the roller derby match ends, Peter and Carlie skate together, but Peter ignores his spider-sense to make Carlie think that he isn't good at it. As Carlie goes to the showers, Peter then uses his spider-sense to skate properly, just as Mary Jane comes to see him. Peter and Mary Jane talk about him revealing his secret to Carlie. Although Mary Jane says that he should tell her, Peter replies that she must know him as Peter, not as Spider-Man. Carlie arrives and Mary Jane leaves the two. Peter and Carlie leave the court, and Carlie says to Peter that she is good friends with Spider-Man. Peter then realizes that with all the people Carlie has lost or gone away, Spider-Man is the closest thing she has to a best friend. Carlie says that they should pair Spider-Man with Mary Jane. Surprised, Peter accidentally hits his face against a door.

The next day, Peter comes to the launch. As Max Modell and Peter preapre for the launch, Peter's spider-sense goes off. Peter runs off as the launch starts prematurely. Suddenly, one of the scientists is revealed to be one of the Spider-Slayesrs. All the Spider-Slayers attack the base and Smythe reveals himself to Jameson. The Spider-Slayers then attack Jameson and Jay, but Spider-Man appears to defend them. Jameson demands Spider-Man to save his son. Knowing that John doesn't have a chance to defend himself, Spider-Man goes to save him. Shooting a web, Spider-Man manages to cling to the shuttle. Suddenly, he is attacked by Mac Gargan, the Scorpion.

Appearing in "Lock and/or Key (part 1)"

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Synopsis for "Lock and/or Key (part 1)"

Mayor Jameson is presenting Spider-Man the key to the city, which Captain America asked him to do earlier. Suddenly, an all-new Power Man disrupts the crowd and attempts to defeat Spider-Man. In a flashback, we see the new Power-Man training with Iron Fist, who tells him that the one superhero he never managed to defeat was Spider-Man, because of his spider-sense. In the present, Power Man lands a punch and starts gloating about how he's better than Iron Fist now. Spider-Man ties Power Man to a tree while he does this, where Spider-Man learns that the only reason Victor is here is because he got a tip about the key. The key to the city is revealed to have been stolen during the fight, and Alvarez tells Spidey that the one who gave him the tip is named Norton G. Fester, who Spider-Man knows as the Looter.

Solicit Synopsis

REVENGE OF THE SPIDER-SLAYER Part 1 of 3 “Army of Insects” THE SCORPION was just the beginning! Alistair Smythe, THE SPIDER-SLAYER, has returned, and Mac Gargan isn’t the only subject he’s upgraded. The Spider-Slayer is about to unleash an entire INSECT ARMY on Spider-Man’s world! And as part of his ultimate revenge, Smythe is out turn one of Spidey’s first ever victories into one of his biggest losses. Everyone is at risk. Big changes are coming! Don’t you dare miss an issue! All this, plus an all-new story showing a hidden side of Mac Gargan’s past!


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