Quote1.png How are you walking like that?! At these G's?! You been workin' out, Mac?! Quote2.png
-- Spider-Man

Appearing in "Revenge of the Spider-Slayer (Part two): All You Love Will Die"

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Synopsis for "Revenge of the Spider-Slayer (Part two): All You Love Will Die"

Jameson and Jay escape from the base in Jameson's limo as the Spider-Slayers attack them. Spider-Man and Scorpion fight in John's shuttle. Spider-Man tries to call the New Avengers with his communicator, but he gets connected to Squirrel Girl, who is taking care of Danielle Cage. Frustrated, Spider-Man hangs up and continues fighting Scorpion. Spider-Man then tricks Scorpion into smashing the fuel intake hatch.

Max Modell makes contact with John, who tells him that, outside the comm channel, the shuttle is out of control.

However, one of Doctor Octopus's octorobots has stowed into the shuttle. Octopus notes that if John doesn't survive, he will not be able to complete the octahedral in time. So, he uses the octorobot to allow John to regain control of the shuttle.

The shuttle's boosters uncouple, separating Spider-Man from Scorpion. This leaves Spider-Man in free fall, however. Suddenly, he is saved by Ms. Marvel.

Frustrated that the shuttle regain control, Smythe then claims that his Spider-Slayers will attack all of Jameson's friends and family.

Spider-Man and the New Avengers then fight the Spider-Slayers to defend Jameson, who says that his wife Marla is also in danger. Spider-Man then remembers that Marla is taking Aunt May to the spa today. While Luke Cage and Iron Fist remain behind to protect Jameson, Spider-Man boards the Quinjet and tells Jewel and Ms. Marvel to fly over to the Daily Bugle and defend it while he goes to the spa. Ms. Marvel and Jewel arrive at the Daily Bugle, while Spider-Man, the Thing and Mockingbird fight the Spider-Slayers at the spa. After the New Avengers notice that these Spider-Slayers can predict their moves, Spider-Man then realizes that Smythe must have found a way to replicate his spider-sense. Spider-Man asks the Thing to protect Aunt May and Marla while he goes to get something that might stop the Spider-Slayers.

Spider-Man goes to Horizon Labs, changing into Peter. There, he finds Max Modell who tells him that they must talk about "him and Spider-Man."

Appearing in "Lock and/or Key (part two)"

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Synopsis for "Lock and/or Key (part two)"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

REVENGE OF THE SPIDER-SLAYER Part 2 of 3 “All You Love Will Die” The SPIDER-SLAYER’S assault escalates as his INSECT ARMY descends on Manhattan! No one in Spidey’s life is safe—from the offices of the Daily Bugle to the Mayor’s staff at City Hall! It’s way more than our wall-crawler can handle. Good thing he’s also a member of the NEW AVENGERS! Guest-starring LUKE CAGE, JESSICA JONES, MS. MARVEL, MOCKINGBIRD, IRON FIST… and a few surprises.


from the New Avengers point of view, the first story takes place after New Avengers Vol. 2 #6

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