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Synopsis for "Flashpoint"

In Madripoor, Flash (in the Venom suit) infiltrates the Futura Plaza. As the Venom suit disappears, Flash puts on a tuxedo. He then meets with his partner, Kate. They are in the building to infiltrate a party of the biggest financial linchpins in the global economy. Their target is Countess Bianca Demonico, believed to be part of a terrorist group called Ultimatum. If they can track her, they can find Ultimatum's leader, Flag-Smasher. Flash and Bianca dance and Flash secretly implants a tracking chip in her bloodstream.

With the mission complete, Flash returns to Project: Rebirth HQ, where the symbiote is removed from his body.

At home, Flash is told by Betty that Marla Jameson, Jonah's wife, has died. Betty, loving the Jameson's like a family, asks Flash to talk to Peter, who is taking the news worse than anyone.

At Tribeca, Flash tries to find Peter, only to find him talking with Mary Jane. Although Mary Jane is only comforting Peter for the recent happenings, Flash believes that Peter is cheating on Carlie. However, before Flash can do anything, his phone rings. Flash talks with General Dodge, who tells him that Yusef Kassim, one of the guests at the party, has been kidnaped by Ultimatum. Also, Demonico has been located. However, she can only be tracked by Venom, due to the traces of the symbiote in the tracking chip.

In Turkish airspace, Kate tells that the communicator is being disruptor due to the Sky Spider's stealth technology, so when Flash goes down, he will not be able to communicate with her. Flash descends in a parachute and infiltrates the facility, taking out several guards. As Flag Smasher interrogates Yusef, a guard comes in, saying that they are being attacked. As Flag Smasher goes to address the emergency, the guard transforms into Flash, having used the suit's shape-shifting powers to infiltrate the cell Yusef was held in. He then takes Demonico and another guard down. He then rescues Kassim and escapes.

Flag Smasher and a group of guards attack them. Flash notices that an alarm system built into Kassim's manacles must have warned them when he left the cell. Flag Smasher throws a grenade to take Flash out. This disintegrates Flash's legs, and Venom awakens. Venom quickly kills the guards. When Flag Smasher threatens to detonate Kassim's restraints, Venom simply bites his arm off. This all terrorizes Kassim.

When he regains control, Flash takes Kassim to the Sky Spider. There, Kassim is intimidated by Flash into saying that Flash was a hero.

At Project: Rebirth HQ, Dodge notices that only 99% of the symbiote has been removed from Flash's body. As Flash comes in, Dodge tells him that there are only 18 missions left in his tour as Venom. Flash accepts this and leaves, referring to the symbiote as "partner."

As Flash returns home, Betty tells him that he missed the funeral. Flash also says that he couldn't talk to Peter because the V.A. sent him on a mission. Flash apologizes for not being a good boyfriend to her or a best friend to Peter. He promises that he will do better. However, Flash thinks that Peter is keeping secrets and that he will ruin everything.

Solicit Synopsis

START READING with this Point One issue to learn the new meaning for great power and great responsibility! Witness the birth of a new Spider-Man in the start of a brand-new story arc! Bonded to the dangerous and powerful Venom symbiote, this new web-slinger is showing Peter Parker up in the hero department! Plus, who will Spider-Man turn to in his darkest hour? Believe us, it’s not who you think!


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