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Quote1.png I'm done. Done accepting things the way they are. I swear to you... ...from now on... ...whenever I'm around, wherever I am... No one dies! Quote2.png

Appearing in "No One Dies, Part One of Two: Awakening"

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Synopsis for "No One Dies, Part One of Two: Awakening"

Marla Jameson's alarm goes off in the morning. She is no longer there to turn her alarm off. Jonah lays in their bed, alone now. He slowly gets up and turns Marla's alarm off. A pair of her glasses lay on her nightstand. Jonah gets ready for the procession. Peter Parker is getting ready too. He puts his Spidey suit on under his clothes, but after looking at himself in the mirror, takes it off. He heads out the door in just a suit, for the first time in a very long time. Martha and Randy Robertson arrive at the Daily Bugle to pick up Robbie. Randy has a broken foot because of last week's attack. He is suffering, but still not as much as others. Robbie holds his wife's hand in the car on the way there. Glory Grant is acting as an usher to greet Peter and Carlie when they arrive with May and Jay. It seems as if the entire city is in attendance. Finally, Jonah arrives at his wife's funeral.

Jonah is solemn as his wife is lowered into the ground. He continues to stare at her plot until he thinks everyone else eventually leaves. But Peter is still there, watching Jonah from a distance. That night, at 2 in the morning, Peter finally is able to fall asleep...

The burglar who killed Uncle Ben is running past him. Or rather, the burglar who will ultimately kill Uncle Ben, that is. Spider-Man is dreaming. Spidey tries to catch the burglar, before he can kill Uncle Ben, but he's just out of Spidey's reach. But then, Uncle Ben shows up and stops him. He tells Peter that it's okay, that he's at peace, that he's with Peter's parents now. Peter sees his parents sitting in the kitchen of Aunt May's house. He runs towards them, but when they turn around, they don't have faces, because Peter doesn't remember them anymore. The burglar is there though, and Peter remembers his face clearly, but he doesn't know why the burglar is in his house. "Dead is dead," says Uncle Ben. The burglar heads up a flight of stairs with Spidey's parents and uncle. Aunt May starts to go up the stairs too, but Peter stops her. Aunt May changes into Marla Jameson, and asks if Peter would've found a way to save her had she been May.

Marla reassures Peter that she'll come back to life, since she used to build Spider-Slayers, "and super villains always come back." Peter says she's a good person, to which she replies that she must be dead for real, then. Peter chases after her and ends up in a version of New York filled with people who have died. Sally Avril, Nick Katzenberg. Nathan Lubensky asks how May is doing. Even the Spider-Mobile is there. George Stacy reminds Peter that he promised to keep Gwen safe, and Peter failed. Martha Connors, Billy Connors, Jackpot, Lisa Parfrey, publicist Sean Rockwell. Gwen Stacy. Peter runs after Gwen. He moves past Ben Reilly, Kaine, Ned Leeds, Timothy Harrison, Mattie Franklin, Frederick Foswell, Lance Bannon, the Bookie, Jean DeWolff, and Bennett Brant. As he pushes through Oksana Sytsevich and Ezekiel to get to Gwen, he encounters a woman he doesn't initially remember. But then he does. It's Charlie, the only person he's killed.

He killed her by accident, but he never wanted to kill anyone. To which the Green Goblin arrives to call his bluff. Peter is now on a cliff, and the Goblin has Gwen, so Peter attacks him. Gwen asks Peter why he couldn't even kill for her sake? A dead Goblin then throws a dead Gwen off a bridge, taunting Peter for not being dark enough. Peter reaches out, but Kraven's hand grabs him instead. Peter is now in a graveyard as he and the Goblin watch Kraven, Mysterio, and the Jackal crawl out of a grave. They tell him that they'll beat him one day because they always come back, because Peter can't kill them. The 4 undead villains are then promptly shot, and Peter arrives in a 60's diner with the criminal Scourge, who is killing more bad guys. Scourge says this will free up Spidey's time. Punisher is off to the side killing Stilt-Man, who wasn't even bothering anyone. And in the corner, Wolverine kills Hornet, who was a good guy.

Spidey says that's not the way, but Captain America appears on a TV and says that even he killed Nazis back in WW2. Cap then gives a report on the Sentry killing Carnage, back when the New Avengers were formed. Spidey tells Sentry that Carnage came back to life anyway, but Sentry says that for the years Carnage was dead, he didn't kill anyone. Sentry says Spidey had the power to stop him, but Spidey says Sentry had so much power that he became corrupted and turned into the Void. Sentry transforms into the Carnage symbiote who then says "I wouldn't change a thing! Tell me... can you say the same?"

The burglar who killed Uncle Ben is running past him again. This time, Spider-Man catches him and beats him bloody, but suddenly the burglar turns into a disfigured Uncle Ben. Uncle Ben says that by killing someone, Peter would also be killing everything that Ben gave to him. Ben's teachings. Ben's love and pride for him. He'd be killing all that if he ever resorted to murder. Marla Jameson, surrounded by everyone from the dream-New York, asks Peter what he'll do now. Peter wakes up, screaming silently.

The next day, Peter makes a promise to Marla. "No One Dies." No matter what!

Just then, across town, a new villain kills someone. His name is Massacre.

Solicit Synopsis

This February may be the shortest month of the year, but this time it's the BIGGEST month for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN! "Awakening" We can't tell you what's in this issue without spoiling the end of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #654. But we can say this: Marcos Martín returns to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN in a full-length 30-page story that will haunt you. As the fallout of recent events continues to rock Peter Parker's world, he makes a choice-- a promise-- that even he might not be able to fulfill...

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