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Quote1.png I can do this. It's not impossible. Not for me. I have great power, resources, and resolve. And I will make this work. Not for Uncle Ben, Captain Stacy, Gwen, Marla, or any of the others I failed in the past. This is for you, for all of the living, for everyone out there! I'm going to make you all proud. You'll see. I promise. Quote2.png

Appearing in "No One Dies, Part Two: Resolve"

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  • Various NYPD patrol cars
  • FDNY Ambulances

Synopsis for "No One Dies, Part Two: Resolve"

Spider-Man arrives at the hostage site, where Captain Yuriko Watanabe and the police force are blockading the bank. He tries to reason with Massacre, but he simply tries to shoot Spider-Man down. Spider-Man, without his spider-sense, barely avoids the gunshots. He then manages to tag Massacre with a spider-tracer, but he gets shot in the stomach. With Spider-Man injured, the police is forced to let Massacre go. A cop discovers Massacre's escape route. As the police searches for Massacre in the sewers, Spider-Man realizes that without his spider-sense, his spider-tracers are useless.

As Spider-Man visits Night Nurse to get his bullet wound treated, Night Nurse is surprised that Spider-Man can now afford her services, even though she wants to keep him as one of his pro bono cases. As he leaves, Paladin tells Spider-Man that needs to grow a thicker skin.

In City Hall, J. Jonah Jameson makes a eulogy for the people who died in Massacre's raid. He then talks to a boy named Liam, whose mother was during the bank when Massacre attacked. Jonah assures Liam that Massacre is dead. He then requests Alistair Smythe to receive the death penalty, effectively imposing a zero tolerance policy on murderers.

As Peter returns to Horizon Labs, Uatu shows him that Max Modell has been talking to Captain Watanabe about the recent events. Modell shows Watanabe his new criminal detector app, S.I.S., which he uses to identify Massacre. Peter, Uatu, Modell and Watanabe discover that Massacre's real name is Marcus Lyman and that he used to be one of Ashley Kafka's patients. According to Dr. Kafka's file, Lyman had a wife and they were both traders for a Wall Street firm. Suddenly, they were involved in a car explosion, which killed Lyman's wife and embedded a shrapnel piece in his head. The head trauma and the loss of his wife caused Lyman to lose all sense of morality. Captain Watanabe then receives a phone call, informing her that Massacre attacked again. Peter goes to face Massacre.

At the hostage site, Spider-Man uses a new armor against Massacre. Spider-Man's armor is bulletproof and can shoot webs that block radio frequencies. After defeating Massacre, Spider-Man sees that NYPD sharpshooters about to shoot Massacre. Spider-Man saves Massacre and delivers him to the police. Jameson berates Spider-Man for saving the life of a murderer, but Spider-Man replies that they are the good guys and that they can't play God. Jameson replies that he always thought Spider-Man was a criminal, but now he thinks that he is an idiot. Spider-Man simply swings away. At a rooftop, Spider-Man ponders that he is no longer fighting for the dead people he failed to. He is now fighting for the living.

Solicit Synopsis

The debut of the NEW SPIDER-ARMOR! If Spider-Man hopes to find a way to defeat his new nemesis MASSACRE, he’ll need the help of his all-new, all-powerful costume! But will protecting the people of New York mean that Spider-Man finally takes the last measure -- killing a bloodthirsty madman when there are no other options? (by the way, your first answer is wrong!)

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