Quote1 If you’re hearing this, I’m sorry, pal. Sorry that I’m gone. ‘Cause... well... I know how you feel when it comes to losing family. And that’s what you are to me. Family. So... if you’re thinking of this as my last will and all... I’m not leaving you my sports cars or stuff like that... I’m leaving you the best thing I ever had... My spot on this team. A place in this family. The best sister, two brothers, niece, and nephew a guy could ask for. They— We all love you, Pete. So? You up for it, bro? We’re all here for you. Quote2
-- Johnny Storm

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Synopsis for "Torch Song"

Spider-Man arrived at the Baxter Building, where he was caught by the security system. Reed, Sue, and Ben deactivated the security system and talked with Peter about Johnny's death.

As they drank coffee, the four talked about their adventures with Johnny. Ben told the story of Spider-Man and the FF fighting Krakatoom in the forest. Spider-Man covered him in webs while the Fantastic Four used their powers to dissipate him. Later, Spider-Man agreed to stay and camp with the Four. Spider-Man and Johnny played pranks on one another, eventually playing a prank on Ben together.

Sue then told another story. While hunting for the Frightful Four, Johnny was signing autographs for his fans when Spider-Man appeared and pulled Johnny's pants down in front of his fans. Suddenly, the Frightful Four appeared and attacked the three. During the battle, Sue de-pantsed them, and in the end, the police arrested her alongside the Frightful Four for indecent exposure. Spider-Man and Johnny later bailed her out and drove her home.

Reed then told the story of when he and Johnny invited Spider-Man for the launch of their new "faster than light" skiff. Traveling through space, the three found a green star going nova, which Reed dubbed the "Banner Nova." The ship broke down, so Spider-Man and Reed went to repair it while Johnny protected them from the radiation. They barely managed to repair the ship all due to Johnny's insight on engines, and they escaped. Later, Johnny expelled all the energy he absorbed from the star at a safe distance while Spider-Man remarked that "He really is a bright guy."

Later, Reed showed Peter the very end of Johnny's recorded video. In it, Johnny told Peter that he was sorry for dying because he knew how death affects him. However, he left Peter his most prized possession: his spot on the team and in the family. Johnny's hologram joined hands with Reed, Sue, Ben, and Peter, with one final "Got ya" uttered from Johnny.

Solicit Synopsis

A “THREE” TIE-IN! Following up on the shocking ending to February’s issue of FANTASTIC FOUR, SPIDER-MAN visits the FF for a very private wake—just for family.


  • While this issue was released the week after FF #1, which debuted Spidey on the new team, it historically takes place before he accepted the position.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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