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Quote1.png Oy. With the guilt. Fine! Wanna be in the Fantastic Four, Spidey? Sure. What? Oh. We're the Future Foundation now. Bait n' switch if you ask me. Razzin' frazzin'... Quote2.png

Appearing in "Peter Parker: The Fantastic Spider-Man"

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Synopsis for "Peter Parker: The Fantastic Spider-Man"

Peter is about to have sex for the first time with Carlie, however, the two have doubts. Suddenly, Peter sees the Future Foundation flare signal in the sky, at the same time Carlie receives a text message from Captain Watanabe of the police. They both go to their respective jobs.

Peter goes to Horizon Labs to recover his Spider-Man suit. Once there, Max Modell talks with Peter, saying that Grady and Sanjani are complaining that Peter's new science experiment borrows heavily from theirs. Peter agrees to share credit with them and goes to his office. Peter then puts on his costume and goes to the Baxter Building.

In the Baxter Building, Spider-Man shows his Fantastic Four costume to the Reed, Sue and Ben. However, they tell him that they are not the Fantastic Four anymore, so Spider-Man changes into his Future Foundation costume.

As the team launches the Fantasticar, Reed explains the mission to them. There are three rifts in the space-time continuum, one in the microverse, another in the distant future, and another on present-day Earth. The first rift is in Paris, France.

In Paris, France, the team and Arkon defeat several monsters and return them to Arkon's dimension. After the mission, a mime makes fun of Ben, so Sue traps him in one of her force fields. As the team leaves France, Spider-Man sends a voice message to Carlie, saying that Horizon Labs sent him on a business trip.

In the microverse, the team helps Superego the Living Atom to stabilize herself before she explodes and tear into the team's dimension. The team succeed and leave the microverse, but Psycho-Man intercepts their coordinates and obtains the key to enter their dimension.

The team the goes to the future, where they enter the Baxter/Rextab, the first ever palindromical architecture and home of the Future-Future Foundation. There, they meet their members, Captain Wakanda, Yancy, Mega-Storm, Supremo and Xandar. Captain Wakanda tells the present team that the rift is being caused by an advanced version of Hank Pym's dimensional wave inducer. Reed fixes it, and the entire experience gives Peter ideas for his work at Horizon Labs. However, Reed tells him that he can't use either future or off-world technology in the present.

Meanwhile, Carlie goes to Horizon Labs to visit Peter. She plans to send him some snickerdoodles to his business destination. However, Flo says that Peter hasn't been sent anywhere, surprising Carlie.

Appearing in "Can't Get the Service"

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Synopsis for "Can't Get the Service"

Spider-Man is patrolling Manhattan when he notices people screaming and running from a bar. He also notices Ghost Rider's bike outside. Spider-Man comes inside and joins Ghost Rider for a whisky (Spidey gets milk), where Ghost Rider discusses what he wants to do now with his life. Suddenly, the only other person in the bar (besides the bartender), reveals himself as a similar spirit of hell, the Servicer. The Servicer tells Ghost Rider that the motorcycle has not been used for its intended purpose, the collection of souls for hell, and that he will need to service it. Ghost Rider throws his chain at the Servicer, only to get sucked inside his chest. Right before this, Ghost Rider tells Spider-Man to take the bike. Spider-Man gets on, and then the bike takes control, zooming throughout the streets of New York.

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  • There's a continuity error in this comic with FF #1, both issues shows different ways in which the new uniform is given to Spider-Man.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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