Quote1.png Jean and I were close. When we lost her, it was people outside the system--Daredevil and Spider-Man--Who brought down the Sin-Eater. They got justice for Jean when no one else could. I never forgot that. The way things have been lately... Psychopaths like Massacre, and the Department escalating in response... I decided I had to do something. Stem the tide of death with a dose of fear. Scare people straight... And it worked. Quote2.png
-- Yuriko Watanabe

Appearing in "The Return of Anti-Venom, Part Two: Revelation Day"

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Synopsis for "The Return of Anti-Venom, Part Two: Revelation Day"

Anti-Venom has Spider-Man all webbed up in a former meth lab that he shut down. But when he tries to take off his mask, believing that if they are going to be partners then they should have no secret identities, it sticks like glue. Exasperated, Anti-Venom states that he will get proof that Mister Negative is Martin Li, which Spider-Man doesn't believe because of Li's philanthropic background. As Anti-Venom leaves, Spidey snatches a bottle of acetone to melt the webbing.

Meanwhile, Wraith shakes down Ben Rothner in his antiques shop and intimidates him into spilling the beans by showing her face. Unknown to either of them, Carlie Cooper is spying on them. To Carlie, she is doubtful that this is the real Jean DeWolff back from the dead given that she has a heat signature, as seen through her infrared binoculars.

At Columbia Presbyterian, where Aunt May is recovering, she and Jay see a newscast involving Mayor Jonah Jameson is presenting Li's donation of Chinese terracotta warriors to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. On the scene is Norah Winters and Randy Robertson. However, Phil Urich turns up, angry that Randy stole his job as cameraman. Norah appeases him by asking for his help in interviewing Li, which he agrees to. But in his Hobgoblin head, he figures that he must deal with Randy.

One of Mr. Negative's Inner Demons walks up to inform him that they got clear, unrestricted access to extract their "product" from the statues. Unknown to Negative, Anti-Venom is in disguise as a security guard, realizing that this is how Mr. Negative smuggles his drugs. He returns to his lair and webs up Spider-Man just as he had freed himself.

Meanwhile, Carlie goes to the evidence locker back at the precinct. Though the officer on duty claims that the superhuman gadgets that were held in there were destroyed by a pumpkin bomb, Carlie reads from the records that Captain Watanabe was inside at the time of the "accident".

At the museum, Anti-Venom glues Spidey to a statue, promising to bring in Negative/Li as proof that he's not crazy. As he goes searching for his quarry alone, he is ambushed, stabbed through the chest with a corrupted katana which disables Anti-Venom's healing powers since it was the healing touch of Mister Negative's alter-ego that helped create the Anti-Venom suit. Meanwhile, Wraith frees Spidey and together, they go to assist Anti-Venom. But since Mister Negative had disabled the alarms in the storage section, Spidey pulls off a painting not in storage, triggering the alarm. Enraged, Mr. Negative throws his Devil's Breath gas, thinking that he had keyed it to Spidey's DNA after drawing blood from their last encounter. But in fact, Black Cat had switched it with pig's blood. This gives Spidey the opening to catch him by surprise. His moment of weakness allows Wraith to analyze his face and confirm that he's really Martin Li and broadcasts the truth to everyone in NYC; Jonah blames Spider-Man for this; May goes into shock at this revelation. Mr. Negative promises revenge and flees, dropping cyanide gas to cover his escape. Wraith also disappears, unwilling to face the police. Spidey then pulls the katana out of Anti-Venom and apologizes for not believing him in the first place. As Anti-Venom leaps away, satisfied, Spidey sticks around for the police to show up and reveal that Negative/Li was smuggling heroin in his statues.

As Spidey makes his exit, he spies on Carlie confronting Watanabe, revealing that she knows that she's the Wraith, admitting that she slipped her cell phone in her pocket to track via GPS. Watanabe admits to it and confesses that she felt touched how Daredevil and Spider-Man granted justice to Jean DeWolff, who was a close friend of hers, where no one else could. And with all the escalating violence, she had to do something. She asks Carlie if she's going to turn her in, pointing out that if she's exposed, then Mr. Negative will have her dead within a week. Carlie abstains from doing so and advises Watanabe on how to cover her tracks more effectively and to retire the Wraith for a while.

Perched on a statue, Anti-Venom relishes in the moment that he finally proved that he was right, that he's the hero today.

In Chinatown, Martin Li is chained up. He cries for helping. Outside his cell, his goons are considering whether to release him. One of them advises against it, stating that until he changes back into Mr. Negative, he's nothing.

Back at Peter's apartment, Peter tells Carlie about what Spider-Man witnessed. Carlie explains that Watanabe is a good person and she's good at keeping secrets. She then demands answers as to his relationship with Spider-Man. Peter explains a part of the truth, that he makes Spidey's gadgets. This is enough to satisfy Carlie.

Appearing in "Infested, Stage 5: Wall-to-Wall"

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Synopsis for "Infested, Stage 5: Wall-to-Wall"

Spider-Man confides that he didn't fare so well in his battle with Ant-Venom, so Shang-Chi further assists him in his martial arts training -- this time helping him develop his very own fighting style "the way of the spider," which is tailor-made for his specific strengths and weaknesses. The training appears to pay off and a grateful Spider-Man thanks Shang-Chi for investing in him. After Spider-Man leaves, Madame Web reveals herself. She had secretly observed the entire training session with Shang-Chi's consent. She admits that while she knows almost everything, she doesn't know if Spider-Man's training will be enough to help him win the coming battle.

Solicit Synopsis

“Death Won’t Stop Me” THE WRAITH stands unmasked and all of her secrets are revealed. What will this mean for SPIDER-MAN? And how will this effect the growing gang war in Chinatown? And if ANTI-VENOM wants to get his hands on MR. NEGATIVE, he’ll have to get past HAMMERHEAD and THE SPOT first! Of all the days for Aunt May to return to the F.E.A.S.T. Center…

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