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Quote1.png Hey. If you're watching this, you know what's going on. Some New Yorkers woke up today with spider-powers... And they're tearing the city apart. And all over the world, no one's asking "Why would they do that?" Because everybody knows... New Yorkers are loud, rude, obnoxious jerks! Well, guess what? The rest of the world is wrong! 'Cause today, like a lot of you, I found out that I've got spider-powers too! And I'm gonna do my part! My name's Peter Parker, I'm a native New Yorker... And when I look around this city, I don't see a bunch a' jerks. Know what I see? Teachers, nurses, cops, parents, neighboors, friends... Good people who give their all! Everywhere I look, I see heroes! Now lets show 'em this didn't just happen to the jerks, it happened to the real New Yorkers too! And that today, we're not just heroes... We're Super-Heroes! Quote2.png
Peter Parker

Appearing in "Spider-Island, Part Two: Peter Parker, The Unspectacular Spider-Man"

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Synopsis for "Spider-Island, Part Two: Peter Parker, The Unspectacular Spider-Man"

Amidst the Avengers, FF, and Young Allies taking down Spider-Men imposters, Shang-Chi and Wolverine identify the real one. However, Spidey is refused participation in the fighting because he'd just get in the way. Spidey then changes back into Peter Parker. He then encounters Norah Winters and Mary-Jane, the former imploring him to help film the event while the other encouraging him to do something. Therefore, Peter uses Norah's camera to call on every good citizen with spider powers to help out, which they do. However, he is unknowingly playing into Jackal's mysterious employer's hands in luring other Spiders out of hiding, knowing that they'll mutate from overuse of their powers. Jackal then infuses Spider-King with two thousand spider embryos. As soon as the Spider-Men imposters are taken care of, J. Jonah Jameson deputizes everyone to help contain Manhattan from this outbreak.

Peters joins Reed Richards and the other Horizon scientists in attempting to figure out the virus that gave everyone spider powers and cure it.

Meanwhile, Anti-Venom is going after any spider he can see and cure them of the virus, rendering them normal. Madame Web is watching in the shadows, knowing that Anti-Venom and Venom will be needed. At the same time, Spider-King is attempting to break the quarantine, forcing Agent Venom/Flash Thompson, into action.

Peter finds Carlie at the 18th Precinct, scavenging through the villains' evidence storage. He also hooks her up with web-shooters. She then tells him the leads she's been tracing concerning Jackal. They go to one of his hideouts, searching for evidence, unaware that Scorcher, White Rabbit and Chance are watching them.

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"Spider-Island" PART TWO

Spider-powered New York citizens! Spider-powered criminals! And Peter Parker fighting alongside Manhattan biggest super heroes—as Peter Parker? The most sensational spider-ific summer event continues!

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