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Quote1.png No matter how small I am--no matter how hopeless everything seems--I mustn't give up! My size doesn't matter! Even my life doesn't matter! No one can win--every battle, but--no man should fall-- without a struggle! Quote2.png

Appearing in "To Squash A Spider!"

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Synopsis for "To Squash A Spider!"

Spider-Man appears to have been shrunk down in size and put in a miniature amusement park. A now giant Mysterio attacks the wall-crawler wherever he goes, Spidey not only has to dodge Mysterio's clutching hands, but also avoid all the traps that the master of special effects has set up in the place. While back at the Parker home, Aunt May's health continues to make her weaker and her doctor advises her to stay in bed. At the Daily Bugle Jameson is furious that there has been no news about Mysterio since he issued his challenge to Spider-Man.

As Spider-Man fights through a deadly hall of mirrors and various other traps, Gwen Stacy visits her father. When the phone rings, Gwen hopes it's Peter, but it turns out to be only Joe Robertson checking to see if there's been any new word on Mysterio. Joe has to go when his son Randy comes to his father for help.

Back at Mysterio's hide out, Spider-Man realizes that he's been played for a fool, that the whole time he wasn't shrunk down in size fighting on a miniature set, but actually fighting on a gigantic set fighting a giant robot of Mysterio. He singles out Mysterio's location, hidden in a ride. Smashing into it, Spider-Man makes short work out of Mysterio. He then torches Mysterio's gear and leaves him for the police to pick up. On his way back home, he happens to take note of a student protest at E.S.U.


Publication Notes

  • Credits:
    • No wonder it's great! Look who did it--Stan Lee and Johnny Romita Writer and Artist
    • Jim (Madman) Mooney--Embellisher
    • Lettered by: Artie Simek

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