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Appearing in "Great Heights, Part One: Trust Issues"

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Synopsis for "Great Heights, Part One: Trust Issues"

In Central Park, a boy wearing mechanical wings falls from the sky, screaming. Meanwhile, police tell tourists that the epidemic Spider-Island is over and that no one is getting powers. Two gothic teenagers rush the barricade but are stopped by Randy Robertson. Randy says that having spider powers were great, until he was turned into a monster. One of the teenagers, a boy named Mitchell, is met by a girl named Angela Death. She tells him that he could have things better than spider-powers and she could teach him how to fly.

Meanwhile, in Central Park, Carlie Cooper (Earth-616) and other police are looking at the body of the "Jumper". He is identified as Wormwood. Chief Pratchett says he jumped from the arch, but Carlie says he couldn't have jumped that far. Pratchett takes her off the case. Anti-Spider patrols find footprints of a humanoid that climbed a building and forced entry. Entering, they find Spider-Man standing over a dead body. The patrols attack Spider-Man, but he destroys them. Pratchett rushes in, and tells Spider-Man he contaminated a crime scene. Spider-Man hurriedly leaves.

Later, in Shadowland, the Kingpin is angry that his spider-powers have vanished from himself and the Hand. Suddenly, Hobgoblin appears just as Tiberius Stone arrives with blueprints from Horizon Labs showing the Spider-Jammers. Meanwhile, the Vulture robbers are about to rob a penthouse. Two of them (Gabriel and Lucifer) take out the owners. Mitchell (now called Michael, as part of an angel name) has doubts about what they're doing.

Glory Grant takes her boyfriend Lewis to a club called the Wake. There they meet Mary Jane. Meanwhile, at the Coffee Bean, Peter and Carlie are working on the same case of the "Jumpers" and robberies. They agree to work together and call a truce. The robbers take a formation and land on the rooftop of the Wake. Michael takes a liking to Glory, angering Lewis. They go into the back where Vulture is waiting for them...

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