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  • Giant Octobot

Synopsis for "Tomorrow, the World!"

At their secret base, the Sinister Six build Doctor Octopus armor to allow him to move. Shortly after the Chameleon, one of their members who has infiltrated the Intelligencia, informs Doc Ock that the weapon created by the Intelligencia is now ready. The Sinister Six attack the headquarters of the other criminal organization and manage to gain the upper hand, destroying Cannon Zero, a weapon capable of sending anyone into space. When Mysterio and Sandman ask Doc Ock why they had to go to the trouble of saving the world from other supervillains, Ock replies that they couldn't allow the Intelligencia to take over the world because they will soon conquer it.

Solicit Synopsis

RETURN OF THE SINISTER SIX! Find out what everyone’s favorite sextet of super villains has been up to while New York was spidered out. All leading up to Doc Ock’s master plan to—well—you’ll have to wait and see as 2012 promises to be the END of Spider-Man!

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