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Quote1.png They can chain her up, but they can't take away her bad luck powers. And if I know Felicia...She's not sitting still waiting for a rescue. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Devil and the Details"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Black Spectre
    • Unnamed thugs (Appears on a computer screen, TV, or hologram only)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:




  • Police car

Synopsis for "The Devil and the Details"

The story begins with Peter Parker, reflecting about his recent break-up with Carlie Cooper while walking on the streets of the city watching, many couples in love. His thoughts are interrupted by a burglar who's committing a crime. Peter suits up as Spider-Man and takes down the thug but afterwards hears the voice of the Black Cat.

Spider-Man tries to talk with Felicia while jumping through the rooftops in order to gain a date with her but she denies him the chance since she's feeling his sense of loneliness and doesn't want to become the rebound girl.

Felicia arrives to her apartment but after finding a Spider-Tracer attached to her suit, she's surrounded by NYPD forces and placed under arrest.

Peter arrives at work at Horizon Labs the next day for a meeting but is interrupted when Sajani comments about the robbery of a Wi-Fi Hologram projector with the Black Cat as the prime suspect and even caught on film. Peter leaves his workplace knowing that Felicia has just been framed since she was with him the night before so he searches for the only man who can help him: Matt Murdock.

After finding Murdock with the assistant D.A. Kirsten McDuffie, he manages to convince him to meet and talk about the work. While investigating, Spidey and Daredevil bump with a kidnapping, presumably from the Wi-Fi Hologram Projector's creator Wasserschmidt, but Daredevil's heightened senses reveals that is just another illusion from the Wi-Fi Projector.

Both Spider-Man and Daredevil search for the thugs in the sewers but suddenly the place is trembling and collapsing on top of the heroes, but while Spider-Man tries to escape he bumps with a live wire electrocuting him and glimpses Black Cat (who managed to escape from police custody earlier) on top of him.

Solicit Synopsis

- Spider-Man and Daredevil team up – Part One! - When Black Cat is arrested, Matt Murdock is the only lawyer who will touch her (her case… we mean). - The next great love triangle of the Marvel Universe begins!


  • This issue cover features a logo of "50 years of Spider-Man".

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