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During the Spider-Island infestation, Uatu Jackson and the rest of the scientists at Horizon Labs met outside of Lab 6, the lab belonging to a scientist whose identity is known only to Max Modell. The group was waiting for Reed Richards, who was meeting with Number Six and Max, and when he finally came out, Uatu watched in awe, since his parents were big fans of the Fantastic Four, as he took Peter Parker's blood.

Now, Spider-Man slips into his lab by breaking through security and entering through the vents. Uatu visits him just after he changes into his regular clothes and helps him check the math on something he is building. The machine, which he built to combat the Rhino, malfunctions and cuts his thumb, though it could have been worse if his spider-sense hadn't warned him. But Morbius, the scientist working in Lab 6, catches a whiff of the blood.

The next day, Uatu sees Max leaving Lab 6 in a bad mood while Peter feels his spider-sense tingle slightly when he passes Lab 6 and thinks something dangerous might be in there. The two of them are so curious as to who is inside the lab that they decide to work together and figure it out by brainstorming potential villians, but to no avail.

In Lab 6, Max brings several samples of his blood to Morbius, who is working on artificial plasma based on the cure he helped develop for the Spider-Island virus. If it works, it could save lives and cure mutated humans. While he tests it on himself, Spider-Man attempts to enter Lab 6 through the air ducts. The artificial plasma had only increased his hunger for blood and tells Max to leave. Spider-Man breaks in from a vent and the two fight, the result of which causes Spider-Man to accidently knock Max's blood samples to the ground, further increasing Morbius' desire for blood.

The fight is taken to the cafeteria, frightening the janitor, who runs into Uatu and tells him Spider-Man is fighting a vampire. Excited, he runs to his lab, filled with monster fighting equipment, and takes out his vampire gear. In the cafeteria, Max tries to convince Spider-Man to help Morbius instead of fighting him because he is having a reaction to a mimetic solution. But just as Spider-Man is about to be overwhelmed by him, Uatu fires U.V. light sticks at Morbius and joins Spider-Man in the fight. Working as a team, Spider-Man deduces that the mimetic solution he took was a modified cure to the spider-virus. Uatu fires a U.V. grenade at Morbius, bringing him back to his senses and giving Uatu and Spider-Man a chance to knock him out.

Max helps Morbius up and explains to the scientists in the cafeteria that he is a college friend who has been and will continue to work in Lab 6. He then tells Spider-Man that he's going to increase security at Horizon so that he cannot come in through the vents anymore.

That night, disappointed at himself for allowing humans to see him, Morbius enters the sewers from his lab to continue his work on the artificial plasma. There, he finds his next test subject: The Lizard.

Solicit Synopsis

- Morbius the Living Vampire returns! - The perfect jumping on point for the hottest comic around!

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