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Captain America
Octavius is close to death. That has a way of bringing things into sharp focus. Perhaps--
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Perhaps what?! You're actually discussing this?! What is this? Earth's Mightiest Chat Room?!
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Spider-Man? Is that--?
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Spider-Man's Anti-Sinister Six Suit from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 682.jpg
Yeah. New suit. New look. Get over it. I'm talking now. And I'm saying the only two words anyone here should be saying-- Avengers Assemble!
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Appearing in "Ends of the Earth, Part One: My World On Fire"

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Synopsis for "Ends of the Earth, Part One: My World On Fire"

At Harlem, Spider-Man defeats the sometimes-hero-sometimes-villain Equinox using his own versions of Green Goblin's glider and bombs. After helping to bring one firefighter to the hosptial, Peter walks down the street remembering the inventions he has done at Horizon Labs. When he arrives to Horizon Labs, a huge scandal is created when Major Jameson announces he will do everything he can to shut down the laboratory, under many nonsensical arguments.

The scene changes to Sinister Six's underwater base, where Doc Ock announces to the rest of the team the beginning of his last master plan, also implying he's ready to fight even the Avengers. He activates a giant antenna called Octahedral, which activates many satellites around Earth's orbit (called "Octavian lens"), speeding up the Greenhouse Effect and heating up the whole world. On all the TV screens around Earth, he announces what's happening and that it was only a demostration (shutting down the satellites), he says he can save the world, at a price, so he could be known as the man who "gave you the greatest gifts of all-- A future".

Peter leaves in a hurry where he was with MJ back to Horizon Labs, where he gets some stuff he made to battle each one of the Sinister Six. In the Avengers Mansion, the team discusses what to do when Spider-Man arrives in his new costume, angered saying that the time to act is now, "Avengers Assemble!".

Solicit Synopsis

• Part One Of “Ends Of The Earth”, The Next Big Spider-Man Event!

• The Doc Ock Story You’ve Waited 50 Years For! Doctor Otto Octavius Holds The Entire Earth Hostage With His Dying Breath. What Price Will Spider-Man Have To Pay To Buy The Whole World One More Day?

• Special Appearance By The Avengers!


  • This is the first (and so far only) time that Spider-Man has said the Avengers' famous slogan.

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