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Appearing in "No Turning Back, Part 1: The Win Column"

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  • Zenith

Synopsis for "No Turning Back, Part 1: The Win Column"

A large crowd, Peter among them, gathers on the New York dock to recieve the Horizon team with a hero's welcome since they helped the Avengers defeat Doctor Octopus. As the Horizon team gets off the Zenith, Modell tells Peter that he should get some credit too, but Peter replies that Modell and the others did most of the heavy lifting. Hector Baez also tells Modell that the Mayor's office restored the power at Horizon Labs as an apology gesture. A group of girls invite the Horizon team to a party at MJ's. Peter believes that Mary Jane is throwing a party at her Brooklyn apartment, but sudddenly discovers that Mary Jane just bought a nightclub.

At the party, everyone is celebrating while Peter stands alone in the balcony. When Mary Jane asks if he is okay, Peter replies that he left Silver Sable to die. Mary Jane says that ever since he became Spider-Man, Peter has always seen everyone else as Uncle Ben, Captain Stacy or Gwen. Peter replies that ever since Marla Jameson died, he promised that no one else would die when he is around. Mary Jane believes that's the stupidest thing he has ever said, since for all his power, Peter is still human. Suddenly, Peter gets a call from Carlie, who tells him that she needs Spider-Man at the graveyard.

As Spider-Man reaches the graveyard, Carlie shows him that a grave just got robbed. It's someone he once knew: Billy Connors. Taking on the case, Spider-Man asks for leads, and Carlie tells him that one of the witnesses got the perp's physical description. He had pale skin, was inhumanly strong and dug up the corpse wth his bare hands. Spider-Man quickly recognizes him: Dr. Morbius.

Barging into Horizon Labs, Spider-Man encounters Morbius, who is working with Modell. Spider-Man attacks Morbius, berating him for desecrating a child's corpse, but Morbius replies that he dug up Billy's corpse so that he could develop a permanent cure to the Lizard's condition. By using Connors DNA, he can return the Lizard back to human form.

Morbius and Modell developed special harpoons designed to pierce through the Lizard's skin to inject the cure. Spider-Man says that the Lizard's pysche has changed, since he now fully considers his human side to be dead, but Morbius does not believe it. Modell also agrees that Morbius's decision to dig up Billy's corpse was wrong, and he will not be allowed to enter Horizon Labs again.

Afterwards, Spider-Man, Morbius and a group of Horizon scientists enter the sewers to locate the Lizard.

Eventually, Spider-Man and Morbius encounter the Lizard and stab him with their harpoons. Then, Modell shoots the Lizard with a special ray that uses the harpoons as conduits to inject the cure in the Lizard's body. The cure is successful and Connors returns to human form. However, Connor still retains his Lizard personality, and promises to take vengeance on Spider-Man.

To be continued...

Solicit Synopsis

• No need to wait for the movie to see Spider-Man wrangle the reptilian rage of one of his greatest foes!

• Spider-Man is stuck between two monsters when Morbius the Living Vampire attempts to cure the Lizard and restore Curt Connors.

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