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Appearing in "Mission: Crush The Kingpin!"

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Synopsis for "Mission: Crush The Kingpin!"

As Spider-Man scours the city for the Kingpin after the crime-boss stole an ancient clay tablet, Joe Robertson meets with his son who is in police custody when he and some other student protesters were arrested in connection with the theft. When Gwen Stacy arrives at the police station, she slaps one of the protesters in the face when he calls Peter a coward. When she tells her father about it, he asks her if maybe she was more worried that it's truth, a question which Gwen isn't sure of the answer.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man continues his search for the Kingpin's hideout, and manages to find it thanks to his spider-sense. After a lengthy battle against the Kingpin and his goons, Spider-Man manages to defeat the Kingpin when he shoots a web at his cane weapon, causing it to back fire and explode, knocking the Kingpin out.

Peter chases after the Kingpin's goons to collect the tablet as the police arrive and arrest the Kingpin. The crime-boss allows for it, as he knows that they will not be able to hold him. Kingpin also makes some comments which lead the police to believe that Spider-Man and the Kingpin were working together. When Spider-Man recovers the tablet and tries to give it to the police officers, they believe the wall-crawler is about to attack them and shoot at him. Spider-Man escapes, however it is the final straw, and Spider-Man vows that if he's going to be treated as a menace, then he might as well become one.


Publication Notes

  • According to the credits on page one, John Romita did storyboards for this issue while Jim Mooney did the illustration.
  • This issue reprinted in Marvel's Greatest Superhero Battles.
  • The Kingpin's wife is first mentioned in this issue, and she will appear for the first time next issue.


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