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Quote1.png This will restore me to my rightful form. But is that... What I really want? Quote2.png
Curt Connors

Appearing in "No Turning Back Part 3: Natural State"

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Synopsis for "No Turning Back Part 3: Natural State"

Dr. Connors is still working on a formula that will restore him to his Lizard form. He also cuts his right arm off, feeding it to Max Modell, who has been turned into a lizard. Leaving the lab, Connors meets up with Carlie, saying that he needs another lab because Modell asked for privacy. Bella offers her lab and he agrees.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man continues fighting Morbius, until Julia Carpenter, the new Madame Web, appears before him; saying that Spider-Man is in grave danger. Although Spider-Man is concerned about Morbius, Julia says that the vampire is not the problem.

Meanwhile at Shadowland, the Kingpin is sparring with his ninjas and requests Hobgoblin to call Tiberius Stone of Horizon. Tiberius has been working for Kingpin for an unspecified amount of time, and Kingpin wants Tiberius to finish the project he requested; otherwise, he will send Hobgoblin after him. Tiberius stole plans for spider sense jammers from Horizon and sold them to the Kingpin, as he wanted to keep Spider-Man away.

Fearing for his life, Tiberius goes to Modell's office and uses his computer to reboot the building's security system. After Spider-Man's recent break-ins, Tiberius and Modell have been upgrading the security systems. With the system rebooting, Tiberius can unlock every door on the building. But after the reboot takes too long, Tiberius frantically searches for the jammers plans on the office. Although Tiberius finds the plans, he forgets to cancel the reboot.

Connors and Bella continue working on her lab. While Bella is distracted by her music, Connor grabs a syringe and injects her with Lizard formula.

Meanwhile, Madame Web tells Spider-Man that he must return to Horizon Labs, for a great tragedy lies on his future. She even says that Silver Sable did not die during the fight against the Doctor Octopus. Unfortunately, Morbius jumps into the streets below. Spider-Man agrees to return to Horizon, but only after Morbius is stopped.

At Horizon, Grady shows Connors a 3-D model of his compound to help him. While he works with Grady, Connors begins to appreciate humor and recovers his taste for food. Despite this, Connors injects him with Lizard formula.

After a long fight, Spider-Man defeats Morbius, webbing him up to a lamppost. He then returns to Horizon but not before some grateful police officers gives him a NYPD jacket.

At Horizon, Connors cuts his arm once again. Apparently, he can transform to Lizard form at will, but he still has his arm in human form. Uatu asks Connors if he can help him, and Connors begins to hallucinate, seeing Uatu as his son Billy. Uatu invites him to play video games, and Connors gets an idea for his formula. Thanking Uatu, he leaves the lab.

As Carlie sees Connors, she realizes Connors has lost his left arm while his right arm is intact. Realizing he has cut the wrong arm off, Connors runs. Suddenly, Horizon's security systems fully reboot. Spider-Man barely enters the building before it goes into a full lockdown.

Meanwhile, Connors commands his newly-created Lizards to attack Carlie. Locking himself in a room, Connors prepares to inject himself with his new formula, but after he has experienced humanity once more, he begins to wonder if returning to his Lizard form is what he really wants.

To be continued...

Solicit Synopsis

• There might be more than one Lizard now…

• And Spider-Man might notice– if only he wasn’t so busy trying to save everyone from a crazed Morbius, the Living Vampire!

• Also in this issue: New developments for The Kingpin, Madame Web, Horizon Labs, and the Hobgoblin!

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