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Synopsis for "Alpha, Part 3: Final Grade"

Alpha has been enjoying his fame, ignoring his family's calls. His high school friends have even begun to ignore him. Peter tries to call Alpha, who is currently at Japan. Peter says that Alpha was supposed to check in at Horizon Labs on a weekly basis, but Alpha forgot.

Peter is worried that in his attempts to remove Alpha's powers, he has completely neglected his personal life and his superhero duties. Peter puts on his Spider-Man uniform so that he can go to the airport and say goodbye to Aunt May and her husband Jay, who are returning to Boston. On the way to the airport, however, he stumbles upon the Avengers. Iron Man says that they need every Avenger they can spare. A new threat, Terminus, has arrived.

Captain America tells Spider-Man to call Alpha for assistance, and Spider-Man reluctantly does so. Excited by the opportunity to impress the Avengers, Alpha travels from Tokyo to New York, using super-speed and flight and the same time. Apparently, he has overcame his limitation of only using one ability at the time.

As Alpha and Terminus come to blows, Alpha unleashes an energy blast, but Terminus quickly deflects it with his lance. The deflected blast shuts down every commercial aircraft within a ten-mile radius. Knowing that May and Jay's plane is within the blast's radius, Spider-Man asks Captain Marvel to slingshot him to the plane with one of his weblines.

Entering the plane, Spider-Man uses his remaining web to seal the hole he made to enter. Therefore, he can no longer made webchutes or cushions to land the plane safely. He goes to the cockpit and restars all the plane's systems.

Meanwhile, Alpha continues to fight Terminus while the remaining Avengers help the civillians.

As Terminus' ships surround the plane, the plane's systems go offline again. Using his spider-sense, Spider-Man prepares to land the plane on his own. May tries to call Peter on her cellphone, but Spider-Man programmed his earpiece to always pick up May's calls. To protect his identity, Spider-Man asks May to shut her phone down.

Although Jay manages to bring the plane to a nearby runway, the plane's landing gear begins failing. Spider-Man brings down the landing gear on his own, and the plane lands safely. In a rare moment of gratittude, Mayor Jameson thanks Spider-Man for saving Jay and May. When he asks who is responsible for this, Spider-Man replies that it was a teenage menace. And it will be stopped.

Terminus has been defeated but Alpha has taken his leave again. The Avengers decide to lock him up at the Negative Zone, but Spider-Man decides to take his energy lance so he can study it.

The next day, Alpha checks in at Horizon Labs. Spider-Man decides to do the tests himself, saying that Peter was unavailable. Spider-Man removes some of Alpha's powers, saying that although he cannot remove Alpha's powers entirely, he can at least drain most of Alpha's energy. He says that what happened yesterday was a test, and he failed. He put civillian lives in danger. Spider-Man tells Andy that he will return to his parents and he will be attending high school once more. His powers are still growing, and maybe, he can be a hero again, just not as Alpha.

Later, Aunt May has been sent to the hospital, due to an injured leg. According to the doctor, May will be able to walk with a cane, but she will never regain full use of her leg. Peter promises her never to abandon her, no matter the cost.

Meanwhile, Roderick Kingsley has returned to New York.

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• Spider-Man’s 50th Anniversary adventure ratchets up as an old foe returns!

• And an ALL-NEW character joins the Marvel Universe!



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