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Quote1.png The more I risk my life... the more deadly chances I take... the less good it seems to do! With all my strength ... with all my powers... why can't I ever make things right? Quote2.png

Appearing in "Spider-Man Wanted!"

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  • Daily Bugle Radio Patrol car

Synopsis for "Spider-Man Wanted!"

Spider-Man has in his possession a clay tablet which the Kingpin is seeking to obtain. The Kingpin learns about this when the story makes the front page of the Daily Bugle from his prison cell. The wall-crawler meanwhile is trying to think about what to do with the tablet when he's shot at by a police officer. Disarming the officer, Peter returns to his apartment and stashes the tablet there before calling it a night. The next day he's told off by Gwen for not calling him and she confronts him with the fact that she thinks he's a coward. While at police headquarters, the dean meets with the protesters who have been arrested, and the dean informs them that he has decided to allow the Ex Hall to become a dorm for under privileged students.

Meanwhile, the Kingpin manages to escape from prison and resumes his criminal operations and alerts his men that Spider-Man has the tablet. Peter has meanwhile resumed his identity of Spider-Man and is out trying to find some answers as to what the inscriptions on the tablet mean. This puts him into conflict with the Kingpin's goons, and eventually the Kingpin himself. When Spider-Man is winning the fight, he is about to grab the Kingpin when a car from the Daily Bugle driven by Ned Leeds and Jameson cut in front of him. This allows the Kingpin to get away. Furious Spider-Man grabs Jameson and begins telling him off. The frightened Jameson faints, and Spider-Man gets control of himself and flees the scene.

As he gets away, he realizes if Jameson dies of a heart-attack, he's going to be labeled a murderer and realizes that if that happens he really will become everything that the Bugle has reported about him.


Continuity Notes

  • The mystery woman who saves the Kingpin in this story is his wife Vanessa Fisk, as revealed in Amazing Spider-Man #83.

Publication Notes

  • John Romita is credited as "innovator" according to the credits box on page one.

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