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Synopsis for "The Speedster and The Spider"

As Peter returns to his apartment and mulls over the fact that he was responsible for giving J. Jonah Jameson a good scare as Spider-Man, he almost blows his secret identity when Harry abruptly returns home.

Meanwhile, having escaped the destruction of Magneto's fortress, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and the Toad debate on what to do now that they are outcasts. Quicksilver believes that the Avengers will take them in and runs to New York to find them. However, upon arriving at Avengers Mansion, he learns from Jarvis that they are away on a mission in Africa. Debating on what to next, Quicksilver learns the Spider-Man is considered a fugitive of the law. He decides to bring Spider-Man to justice as it may be a way to exonerate himself and his sister in the eyes of the world following their recent alliance with Magneto.

Later, Peter arrives at the Bugle to sell his pictures of Spider-Man's battle with the Kingpin. There he finds that Joe Robertson has taken charge of the Bugle while Jonah is in the hospital. When Joe sees that the photos show that Spider-Man was trying to prevent the Kingpin from stealing the tablet, he demands the presses be stopped to send this out as an exclusive. Peter is also surprised by the very generous payment for the photos.

Peter then changes into Spider-Man and delivers the tablet to George Stacy. When Stacy tries to stop Spider-Man to talk to him Spidey can't stop and leaves. On his way home, Spider-Man is so absorbed in how he's going to spend his money that he is taken by surprise when Quicksilver (unaware that Spider-Man's been cleared of any wrong doing) attacks him. Spidey proves to be no match for Quicksilver's superior speed. As their battle rages on, the front page story about Spider-Man's innocence gets to Jameson who freaks out.

Back at the battle between Spider-Man and Quicksilver, Spider-Man finally gets his bearings and uses his spider-sense and Quicksilver's arrogance to his advantage, and knocks the wind out of the speedster. When the police close in to arrest both super-humans, Spider-Man lifts Quicksilver to safety. When Quicksilver revives he realizes what Spider-Man did for him and the two call a truce, and they part as friends.


Continuity Notes

  • Quicksilver recounts how he, the Scarlet Witch, and the Toad escaped the destruction of Magneto's fortress. That happened in Avengers #53.
  • Jarvis tells Quicksilver that the Avengers are in Africa. This story takes place during the events of Avengers #62.
  • Certain elements in this story should be considered topical references per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616. Particularly the fact that Betty Brant uses a typewriter at her desk.

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