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Synopsis for "Death Without Warning!"

Having drunk the elixir of life, Silvermane has reversed his age to that of a man in his prime. And when Ceasar tries to convince Marko that the young man is not Silvermane, but an impostor, Silvermane lashes out at them. Suddenly Spider-Man arrives after having beaten the location of Silvermane's base out of some of his Maggia goons.

Spider-Man makes short work of Marko but has to fight Silvermane who has de-aged once more to a man in his twenties. Connors, who has been fighting a transformation back into the Lizard, flees but finally cannot hold back the transformation any longer and changes back into the monster he loathes. The Lizard then makes a break for it and escapes he Maggia hideout.

As Spider-Man fights both the revitalized Silvermane and his Maggia troops, Silvermane is shocked to find that he's still getting younger by the minute and flees the room. Spider-Man finishes off the rest of the Maggia grunts and then goes after Silvermane, and watches as the once fearsome crime boss de-ages past infancy until he finally becomes nothing but a memory.

Spider-Man frees the Connors family and vows to them that he will find Curt and that if he has become the Lizard again, cure him. While elsewhere, the Lizard takes full control of Connor's body again, this time vowing to fight to remain the Lizard, forever.

Solicit Synopsis

From out of nowhere, a startling sudden DEATH now strikes without warning — even as a newer, more fearful SUPER-FOE arises once more to menace our weary web-slinger!


Continuity Notes

  • Although Silvermane appears to de-age into nothingness, his ultimate fate is revealed in Daredevil #120123.

Chronology Notes

Events occur behind the scenes in this story that affect the chronology of the following characters:


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