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Appearing in "The Lizard Lives!"

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Synopsis for "The Lizard Lives!"

With the Lizard on the rampage, all the beast can remember is it's defeat at the hands of Spider-Man and vows to get revenge against the wall-crawler. Meanwhile, Spidey helps the Connors find a safe hotel room to hide in and vows to Martha and Billy that he will find Curt and change him back to human form. He then returns home and returns to his guise of Peter Parker. He checks on his Aunt May who is resting in Florida and briefly runs into Harry, who's looking to shoot the breeze with his roommate, but as usual, Pete is on his way out. Peter later visits the Stacy home and meets with Gwen, who asks Peter to share his secret with her because his disappearances have gone on far too long. Peter promises he'll tell her soon, but not yet. Before going out on a date, they are interrupted by George Stacy and Joe Robertson, who has been talking about Spider-Man. George asks Peter to come back sometime soon and discuss what he knows about Spider-Man, having taken so many pictures of the wall crawler.

The next morning, when Peter hears reports of a giant lizard on the radio, he goes out on the prowl as Spider-Man in hopes of capturing the Lizard before anyone else does. Sure enough, Spider-Man finds the Lizard. However, he is so determined to not to hurt his friend, Curt Conners, that the Lizard manages to overpower the wall-crawler and beat him close to submission. As the Lizard dangles Spider-Man over the edge of a building, the Human Torch arrives just in time to "save" Spider-Man, and ruin his plan to lure the Lizard down the side of the building. After bringing Spider-Man back to the rooftop, the Torch decides to fight the Lizard on the wall-crawlers behalf. Spider-Man seems powerless to stop what he thinks will be the destruction of the Lizard, as well as its alter ego, Curt Conners.

Solicit Synopsis

You knew we've been leading up to it for month — and now, it's happening! Spidey battles the loathsome Lizard, in one of the most daringly dramatic dazzlers of all!


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