Quote1 Say! You don't happen to be related to another sunshine boy named J. Jonah Jameson, do you? Quote2
-- Spider-Man

Appearing in "The Terrible Threat of The Living Brain!"

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Synopsis for "The Terrible Threat of The Living Brain!"

When Mr. Petty of the I.C.M. company brings in a new robotic computer (dubbed the "Living Brain") to Midtown High for a demonstration, Peter insults Flash Thompson's intelligence when he voices his ignorance of the machine's value. This causes a brief scuffle where Peter's glasses are broken. Flash challenges Peter to a fight after school.

During the demonstration of the computer's powers (that it can answer any question, given the correct input), two of the hired men who helped bring the device in decide to steal it after hoping to use it to win bets. Peter's class decides to ask the computer if it can figure out Spider-Man's real identity, and Peter is asked to input the information. Peter is relieved when the device gives out its answer in a code that Peter is assigned to decode for the next day's class. When Flash tries to take it from Peter, this prompts Mr. Warren to suggest the boys deal with their rivalry in a boxing match.

During the match, Peter is afraid of really hurting Flash with his spider-strength, and his first punch (although pulled) knocks Flash for a loop, but Flash dismisses it as a joke he played on Parker to save face in front of his classmates. As the match continues, the two men try to steal the Living Brain, but they accidentally short circuit the computer, causing it to go on a rampage through the school. When Flash is distracted by calls for help, Peter lands a punch which knocks Flash out, and everyone calls it a cheap shot.

Before anyone can see that Flash was literally knocked out by Peter, they learn that Living Brain is on a rampage. This gives Peter a chance to carry Flash away to safety and change into Spider-Man. As Spider-Man, Peter saves his classmates from harm and tackles the Living Brain. After a battle, Spider-Man manages to stop its rampage.

Changing back to Peter Parker after, he decides to have a little fun when Flash meets up with his classmates. Peter identifies that Flash wasn't seen while the robot was on a rampage, and suggests to his classmates that Flash might be Spider-Man's true identity. His classmates, having witnessed Flash "diving" during the boxing match are more or less convinced.

Appearing in "Spider-Man Tackles the Torch!"

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Synopsis for "Spider-Man Tackles the Torch!"

When Spider-Man happens upon a party thrown by the Human Torch's girlfriend Dorrie Evans, he decides to crash the party to show up the Torch as the superior superhero. Their fight takes them to a nearby beach where the rest of the Fantastic Four are relaxing. When the Torch manages to knock Spider-Man flat on his face, Mr. Fantastic offers the web-slinger a hand up.

Believing that the other members of the Fantastic Four are mocking him, Spider-Man lashes out against them. While trying to get away, he's grabbed by the Invisible Girl who has both Spider-Man and the Human Torch call a truce and let bygones be bygones. Spider-Man leaves, but not before he leaves the Invisible Girl a heart made out of his webbing.


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The Terrible Threat of the Living Brain!

Spider-Man Tackles the Torch

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  • This issue is reprinted in other comics and books, see references for more info.[2]

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
  2. The "Living Brain" story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's: The Human Torch story is reprinted in:

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